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210: X-Men Tier List (2001)

You know the drill. At the end of each year (ish) I make a new Tier list of each character and explain how the character has changed in my mind since the last time I did this. Feel free to check out my 1990, 1992 , 1993, Favorites as of 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, and Favorites as of 2001 lists.

Make your own here and share the link in the comments.

S Tier

  • Emma - Yea, she's just a badass now. I'm entertained by every panel she appears in.

  • Jean - She's finally relevant again!

  • Sage - Good job, Claremont. Sage is the best (and maybe only) example of why X-Treme X-Men doesn't suck.

A Tier

  • Chamber - Even though the Poptopia story wasn't great, Chamber's characterization was.

  • Cyclops - This is sadly the only time I've ever really been intrigued by Cyclops.

  • John Sublime - A new villain who felt fresh and had a complete arc. I'm down with more of that.

  • Lifeguard - Is she a good character or is she just hot in her golden form? Either way, I appreciate having a new, interesting character.

  • Rogue - She was # 6 in my recent overall rankings, and Claremont doesn't do much to change that.

  • Storm - She was # 4 in my recent overall rankings, and Claremont doesn't do much to change that.

  • Wolverine - He was # 5 in my recent overall rankings, and he still holds strong as one of the best characters.

  • Xorn - I'm not sure if he's a good character or if I just think he's cool, but either way I get excited when he appears on panel.

B Tier

  • the B Tier? Wow, that X-Corp story must have been pretty good.

  • Banshee - Another standout from the X-Corp story.

  • Beak - Seems like a breakout character

  • Beast - He's not terrible.

  • Bishop - He actually has a purpose now as a cop. I don't hate him, but I also don't see him breaking into the A Tier anytime soon.

  • Stacy X - She's interesting because she's new.

  • Professor X - Ironically, I like him now more that he's actually drawn old. Oh, and he doesn't completely suck now that two writers (Claremont and Morrison) are leaning into him being deeply flawed.

C Tier

  • Angel - She seems like a breakout character.

  • Domino - Lol, she doesn't do much she's my 8th overall favorite character so I'm going to get pretty excited when she shows up.

  • Gambit - I considered putting him in the F category. He's not actively terrible, but I just really don't like the guy.

  • Monet - She also doesn't do much but I like her and I'm stubborn.

  • Sebastian Shaw - He has a pretty good arc over in Extreme.

  • Surge - I only like him because he ended up being Mystique.

D Tier

  • The following characters don't actively suck, but there is so little of them that I don't have much to say about them:

    • Avalanche, Blob, Fire guy (forgot his name), Husk, Jubilee, Lady Mastermind, Multiple Man.

F Tier

  • Iceman - He's the worst! Stop including him!

  • Nightcrawler - This one hurt. I don't think NC will always suck, but I truly hate how he is being portrayed so far. He's a whiny little bitch, to be honest.

  • Red Lotus - Do I need to explain this one?

  • Slipstream - He rides a surfboard through time and space. That's lame!

  • Sunpyre - Her name is lame and she dies after getting like 1 panel.

  • Thunderbird - He's finally written out and I won't miss him. Peace out, homeslice!


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