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209: Uncanny X-Men 399 - 409 (X-Corp)

What’s Covered?

Uncanny X-Men # 399 - 409, Uncanny X-Men Annual 2001, Nightcrawler Vol 2 # 1 - 4,

Roster Watch


Uncanny X-Men # 399 - 400: The Church of Humanity

Writer - Joe Casey

Pencils - Tom Raney (399), Cully Hamner, Ashley Wood, Eddie Campbell, Javier Pulido, Sean Phillips

  • Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 #399    11/14/2001    Joe Casey    Tom Raney

  • Archangel discovers that he owns a place called the X ranch

  • It’s a mutant brothel!

  • The X Ranch is attacked by the Church of Humanity

  • Everyone killed but Stacy X

Remember how I said that all the sudden the comics code is out the door? Yea, well now there's a fricken mutant brothel. We also meet The Church of Humanity who is like the next iteration of the Friends of Humanity.

  • Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 #400    2001    Joe Casey    Cully Hamner, Ashley Wood, Eddie Campbell, Javier Pulido, Sean Phillips

  • Stacy X joins the team

  • The art for the home of the church of humanity is really trippy

  • Team based out of Worthington Industries

  • Church of Humanity Backstory

  • The supreme Pontiff has a fucked up backstory

  • Stacy X accidentally teleports to the HQ of the Church of Humanity

  • Tells a fake origin story

  • X-Men show up and fight them

UXM # 401 - 407: X-Corp

Writer - Joe Casey

Pencils - Ron Garney, Aaron Lopresti, Sean Phillips

  • Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 #401    2001    Joe Casey    Ron Garney

  • Silent issue

  • Poor visual communication 

  • Banshee recruits Jamie Madrox, Blob, and Lady Mastermind for X Corp

  • They tried to recruit Mystique, but she escaped

  • W attacks Stacey X but then ends up sleeping with her. 

  • NC is mad about something...

This is the "Nuff Said" article for Uncanny. While New X-Men was brilliant, this one was just bad. It reminds me of back when I was a teacher and had to have 3 evaluations throughout the year. Sometimes I would put on a dog and pony show to play up for my evaluation, but other times I would just do whatever I was planning that day and just hope it looked alright. That's what they are doing here. Nothing special for this issue, they are obviously planning to plow ahead with the same story without any words and it goes terribly.

  • Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 #402    2002    Casey, Garney    Ron Garney

  • XM question Banshee about X-Corp

  • X-Corp was created for the strict policing of the mutant population

  • Run by an army of multiple men

  • Sean sends in “the Bastard Squad” to deal with something in Germany

  • Avalanche

  • Surge 

  • Blob dropped like a bomb

  • Two random mutants fighting.

  • Fever pitch (new fire guy)

  •  One might be Abyss. (It is!)

  • NC not happy about the villains on the team

  • Some stupid group (Acculturation Resistance Movement) opposes them with a terrible written introduction

"We are about a small cell of a much larger organism… A variable army that exists in direct opposition to yours. We are the acculturation resistance movement we will not allow mutants to alter our society by overrun it with their own genetic politics. Their own ethics. Their own morality. To our last man… Until our last dying breath… We will fight to maintain that the earth is home to humanity… Now and forever!“
  • Sunpyre there too

Remember that Sunfire had a sister who goes by...Sunpyre! Oh, comics. I love you.

  • Banshee plans to use Lady mastermind to try to get the two new mutants under his brainwashed control

  • Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 #403    2/20/2002    Casey, Lopresti    Aaron Lopresti

  • AA and SX called to Germany

  • ARM and XC show up

  • Back at XC

  • Jubilee, Husk, Monet are there saying Hi to Chamber

I love that these 3 are a package deal!

  • They think there’s a monster in the basement

  • Abyss?

  • Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 #404    3/6/2002    Casey, Garney    Sean Phillips

  • Sunpyre trying to get Abyss out into the field

  • Warren questioning whether Abyss is being held against his will

  • Sunpyre is killed by Blob and Avalanche

  • Mind controlled by MM. Reporting to someone else?

  • ARM claims to have killed Surge

  • Banshee sends “The Angels” to avenge Surge in Zurich 

  • Monet, Jubes, Husk

  • They are attacked as it was a trap

  • An army of Madrox supports the baddies

  • Mastermind (Martinique) is fucking with Chamber

  • Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 #405    2002    Casey, Sean Phillips    Sean Phillips

  • Sean realizes that the villains were always planning on making a move

  • Mystique revealed as the true villain, and she stabs Sean in the neck

  • Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 #406    2002    Casey, Lopresti    Aaron Lopresti

  • The Plot

  • Mystique invented Surge (She was really Surge all along)

  • There are two Mastermind heirs

  • The MM in the test tube was faking, instead controlling everyone

  • Mystique killed the ARM leader and impersonated him

  • She wants control of X-Corp to create chaos across Europe so she can disrupt Xavier’s peace initiatives

  • AA, M, and the sane Maddox’s fight bad guys

  • Avalanche destroys the Eiffel Tower

  • Husk, Jubilee, and Stacy X fight Blob

  • A stabbed Banshee frees Abyss

  • He swallows Mystique

  • Husk and Jubilee stop him from swallowing Banshee

  • Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 #407    2002    Casey, Sean Phillips    Sean Phillips (Church of Humanity)

  • Warren is dismantling the X-Corp. headquarters

  • NC and Chamber were teleported out of a blown up jet to a desolate house in Germany where a former circus friend lives

  • NC mentions that he no longer spends time at the school. He thinks he would’ve been a good teacher. He’s been relegated to being a field operative.

  • Nightcrawler is refusing to call home

  • He’s having second thoughts 

  •  Chamber wants to go home so he uses his burgeoning psychic powers to contact the team but only Stacie X hears him

  • Jon says that he thought she was the only one who would take him seriously

  • Jean gives Warren a psychic call and tells him where to pick up nightcrawler and Jon

  • NC leaves with the team

UXM 408 - 409, UXM Annual 2001: The Vanisher

Writer - Joe Casey, Bill Sienkiewicz

Pencils - Bill Sienkiewicz, Ashley Wood, Sean Phillips

  • Uncanny X-Men Annual 2001 #1    1/16/2002    Bill Sienkiewicz    Ashley Wood

  • The Vanisher is pushing a drug that creates temporary mutations

  • The source of the drug is a giant mutant kept under a lake

  • Chamber kills it/him

  • Vanisher is stopped

  • Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 #408    2002    Joe Casey    Sean Phillips (Vanisher)

  • Stacy hooking up with Wolverine?

  • A dying mutant. Ask Stacie X to help him feel good before he dies.

  • XM taking on the Vanisher and his drug empire

  • Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 #409    2002    Joe Casey    Sean Phillips (Vanisher)

  • AA seems to be acknowledged as the new leader

  • A cardinal takes the mutant altering drug, and then the church of humanity shows up and kills him in front of nightcrawler

  • Stacie sent to mess with the Vanisher and then to get him to meet with Warren

  • Warren buys out the Vanisher and Iceman freezes him and his cronies 

Nightcrawler Volume 2

Writer - Chris Kipiniak

Pencils - Matt Smith

  • NC gets involved in the slave market 

  • NC shuts down immigration abuse (deaf Mexicans)

  • NC vs pimps

  • Kurt is told by his mentor priest that fighting isn’t the way

  • NC walks into a trap and is shot

  • NC considers whether priesthood is right for him

My Connections and Creators

I'll have to admit, this little X-Corp story was pretty good. Much better than Poptopia and you all know how much I like it when a lot of characters are brought in. But if my analysis of X-Men lore is accurate, it's actually the next run, the Chuch Austen run, which is truly known for being terrible.

Stacy X is an interesting choice for a few character. You all know I like new characters, but...a prostitute fighter? That's a new one.

X-Corp is another one of those concepts I've been waiting to hear about. I ran into it when I started the Krokoa era reading and it was another one of those things that I didn't understand, so I naturally perked up when we got some good X-Corp love.

Mystique is a true villain. She had been getting nuanced for a while, but she's just evil. This the 3rd arc in a row where she's just straight up bad. Due to this, I hope they don't try to make her a hero again in the future.



You know what, this might have been my favorite Archangel story yet. I'm not saying this was the best story, but I've NEVER been even slightly interested by him, and I didn't quite hate him here.

Casey did a pretty good job of naturally showing him taking over as team leader. Over the course of numerous issues, it just became clear that he was the centerpiece. He kept giving more and more orders. Nightcrawler was getting less confident. By the time they officially came out and said he was team leader (which is rare), I had already figured it out.


NC seems like a bit of a lost character to me, which makes me sad. He got very religious out of nowhere and quit being a superhero. Now he's kind of like a reluctant hero, but it's lame that his priestly collar is just a part of his costume. It seems like there are so many better places we could have taken him. I was actually relieved that he looked ready to quit again while in the mountains, but then he went back with the team so we'll just have to see how this goes.


I didn't officially demonstrate this on my graphic, but Wolverine left this iteration of the team this issue. He never really seemed like be belonged anyway, so I'm ok with it. I also can't decide how I feel that he's so openly sleeping with Stacy X.

Stacy X

A brand new character. She's not given much to work with in this opening arc, but she's not being terribly mismanaged either. I'm really not sure what to think of this character.

Iceman & Chamber

Were they in this story?

My Rating- 8/10


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