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211: X-Treme XM # 10 - 18 (Khan!)

What’s Covered?

X-Treme X-Men # 10 - 18, X-Treme X-Men Annual 2001 #1

Roster Watch


The Wrath of Khan

Writer - Chris Claremont

Pencils - Salvador Larocca

  • X-Treme X-Men Annual 2001 #1    12/28/2001    Chris Claremont    Salvador Larroca

  • Davis Cameron (Slipstream) can teleport the team anywhere by riding a wave through the time stream…or something. 

  • An ugly bad guy monster (Shaitan) shows up and tries to steal Storm’s gemstone. 

  • He teleports off with Gambit, Lifeguard, and the stone

  • Sage tells Davis that he has latent mutant powers, but she has the ability to make them become active

  • Thunderbird has a huge problem with Sage forcing somebody to become a mutant, however, Davis is open to it

  • Bishop thinks that he wishes he would’ve stood with Neal

  • Rogue wonders if Sage has the power to turn someone’s mutant powers off

  • Davis takes the team to Madripoor

  • Met by Viper, who is the Queen or something (Prince?)

  • Shaitan uses Gambit’s power to charge a portal

  • Rogue shows up and says to take hands off her man

  • Aliens, or something come through the portal

  • The X-Men take their leader (Khan) hostage

  • X-Treme X-Men vol. 1 #10    2/13/2002    Chris Claremont    Salvador Larroca

  • XM still have the alien monarch, Khan

  • The president calls the avengers for help

  • IM, Cap, Ms Marvel, Viz, Wanda, QS, wonder man

  • Viper kills some alien hostages and then Storm bitch slaps her. 

  • Storm saves Khan and starts to impress him. 

  • Red Lotus is seriously injured (and exits stage left from the Marvel Universe)

  • It’s off putting that these aliens are talking just like any American

  • Viper attacks Storm but then Khan saves her and claims she will be his Queen 

  • X-Treme X-Men vol. 1 #11 and 12   3/13/2002    Chris Claremont    Salvador Larroca

  • The empire has taken over multiple worlds. Khan is a beloved and deserved leader. 

  • Shaitan takes the form of Storm to trick the XM (This goes nowhere)

  • Rogue uses a new set of powers that creates illusions (Mastermind's powers?).

    • Thunderbird looks like Wolverine, Bishop looks like Hulk, and Rogue look like sabertooth (What was the point?)

  • Storm makes out with Khan

  • X-Treme X-Men vol. 1 #13    2002    Chris Claremont    Salvador Larroca

  • Rogue asks Sage to jump start her powers so that she can have better control of every person she’s ever absorbed.

  • Sage tells Rogue that she doesn’t trust her because she was once a villain, which is kind of funny, and you know why. Rogue is offended.

  • Rogue uses her superpowers to distract the army, while other members of the X-Men transfer over to their world to try to save Gambit and bring down the force field

  • When she uses Magneto's power, she channels his personality and becomes a little egotistical

  • X-Treme X-Men vol. 1 #14    2002    Chris Claremont    Salvador Larroca

  • Rogue takes on the alien military solo

  • Vargas (randomly) shows up to challenge Rogue

  • Lifeguard may have Shi’ar royal blood (random)

  • Storm is attacked by Khan's harem

  • X-Treme X-Men vol. 1 #15    2002    Chris Claremont    Salvador Larroca

  • After getting stabbed, Storm beats the Harem and reunites with Sage. 

  • Vargas says that one of the diaries predicts Rogue will kill him so he wants to kill her first

  • Vargas attacks Slipstream and hurts him

  • Lifeguard takes the shape of a Royal Shi’ar

  • Gambit sends out a charged stone to bring down the temple as Vargas comes to kill him

  • X-Treme X-Men vol. 1 #16    2002    Chris Claremont    Salvador Larroca

  • Rogue jumps on Gambit, prolonging his life but putting both of theirs in jeopardy 

  • Khan finds Storm and holds Sage hostage to get her back

  • Lifeguard saves Sage

  • Vargas fights Shaitan in his Storm form

  • Khan fights Storm

  • Bishop floods the complex and the army retreats

  • TB, Storm, and Bishop use all their might to bring down Khan’s spaceship while it’s between worlds

  • Everything explodes. All of the XM are hurt

  • Vargas jammed a sword through Rouge and Gambit on the portal!

  • X-Treme X-Men vol. 1 #17    2002    Chris Claremont    Salvador Larroca

  • Somehow, Rogue and Gambit are still Alive.

  • Rogue turns into W to activate his healing (I think that's what happened?)

  • Rogue says she can see the future as Destiny

  • Rogue flies off to kill Vargas 

  • She shows up looking like Psylocke. Takes on his two lackies first

  • Storm shoots Viper with a gun to get revenge, then Sage puts a knife to her face and threatens her to never to touch their team again. 

  • Rogue, absorbs Vargas, and then has a chance to kill him, just as the diary predicted, but she chooses not to to make the diaries false, and to say that the X-Men live for hope

  • X-Treme X-Men vol. 1 #18    2002    Chris Claremont    Salvador Larroca

  • The Avengers carry Storm, Rogue, Slipstream, and Sage to medics

  • Storm is crashing and Rogue watches her soul leave her body

  • Rogue also dies and runs into Jean

  • NC, Jean, Beast, and W teleport in to help

  • Davis is disgusted by his sister‘s new look but then Nightcrawler gives him a chat about how it’s what’s on the inside that matters

  • Storm introduces Jean to her parents in the Astral Plane

  • Gambit is ready to die, but rogue is holding on for dear life in the Astral plane

  • Davis took off and left a note for his sister with Nightcrawler

  • He won’t be seen again for 20 years (in publishing)

  • Storm, Rogue, and Remy all live

My Connections and Creators

Alright, time for a "Does X-Treme X-Men suck?" check in. I didn't hate this story arc. It certainly had no business running for ten issues (when you include the annual). However, Claremont knows where his bread is buttered and leans in hard on his best characters. This became really obvious to me when I created the team graphic as I couldn't find a new usable image for Thunderbird, Gambit, or Bishop over these ten issues. But everywhere I looked was a glamour shot of Storm, Rogue, Sage, and Lifeguard. Notice a theme? Claremont still loves his strong women, and so do I!

I'm really impressed with what he's doing with Sage. She's practically like a new character, but Claremont is leaning hard on her and using retcon's to inflate her importance. Brandon Zachary even wrote an article about her on CBR saying:

"Sage was potentially poised to be a founding member of the X-Men -- and in many ways serves as a precursor even to characters like Cyclops, who is often considered the first X-Man. But thanks to the fast mastery of her powers and more pragmatic approach to survival, Xavier gave her a different role. He convinced Sage not to become an X-Man, but instead to serve as his spy in the Hellfire Club."

I also need to give Claremont credit for quickly moving on from characters like Red Lotus and Slipstream. It's not easy to create new characters, but it takes resolve to recognize quickly that they aren't working and move on from them. I think Thunderbird's days are numbered as well.



  • Storm goes from dating young Davis Cameron to Khan, a king of a vast empire.


  • She becomes even more overpowered as Sage helps her to control the powers of every person she has ever absorbed.


  • Almost dies and officially joins this iteration of the X-Men


  • We're really struggling here to give him an identity, so this arc he starts getting a strong moral compass.


  • No oxygen for cop Shenanigans.


  • More evidence of her deserving second in command and we are taken further past being skeptical of her once being a villain.


  • I thought she was on a fine trajectory, but now she's randomly Shi'ar Royalty. It's weird and unnecessary.


  • He becomes a full fledged mutant but someone must have realized a teenager who can ride through time on a surfboard is lame so he was given the boot from the comic.

My Rating- 6/10


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