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Hey there! This is the NerdSoup4U (Mostly) X-Men blog!

I invite you to join me as I take a journey through every X-Men (and most X-Men related) comic from the very beginning through present day. This blog will appeal to 3 different groups of readers:

  1. Someone who has no interest in reading the comics (or at least not all of them), but is still interested in learning about the X-Men comic experience through an abridged (and humorous) rundown of every issue from start to finish.

  2. Someone who is going to go on the same journey and plans on using my blog as a reading order and companion along the way.

  3. Someone who is already a comics expert and wants to see how a fellow X-Men fan experienced the comics as they progress through their journey.

I decided to start this journey because I heard the internet freaking out about Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men re-launch in 2019. I picked up the full 12 issue series (House of X & Powers of X) and loved it, but quickly realized that there was WAY too much stuff (characters, backstory, etc) that I didn’t understand. My end goal is to set myself up to jump back on board with modern X-Men comics, but this time with the prerequisite knowledge.


I will break the issues into their various arcs and write a blog broken down into a few parts: 



The Headline: A catchy title for the Blog that clarifies the theme of this arc and primary issues covered. 

What's Covered: Which issues, quick overview of plot, years covered.

Roster Watch: A visual representation of the X-Men (or other team) roster during this time. It’s so fun to see how the group changes over time!

My Connections: This is where I gush about how the story I'm covering relates to my personal fandom. "Oh, oh! I remember that from the Animated Series! or "I had this character's trading card but never knew who they were!"

This is also where I'll continue to track things like "Is Professor X still a dick?", "How does Magneto currently rank on the evil-o-meter?," and "When am I supposed to start liking Cyclops?"

Creators: An examination of the creative team, typically using primary sources to explore what happened behind the scenes. I've spent a long time collecting first hand accounts via books, documentaries, articles, podcasts, and the notes columns in the comics themselves.

Character Beats: An analysis of the individual characters and how they have evolved in each arc covered, often using creator interviews or scholarly research to track themes and hidden meaning.

Synopsis: A recap of the main plot points, complete with screenshots from the comic itself.

My Rating: A rating out of 10.

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