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X-Men '97: Episode 6 (Lifedeath Part 2)

Geeking Out

This may have been my least favorite episode, but not because it was bad, simply because it didn't show me Rogue. I want to see how she's doing.

Oh well, we got the end of Lifedeath and a small Savage Xavier story. Even though Lifedeath is a famous story, I think they are very smart to not give us an entire episode of it. For one, that story is a little slower. Second, it's Storm-centric and it's tough not to see any other characters (although technically the only other character we got was Xavier, who hadn't even been in the series so far. Third, by dragging this out over multiple episodes it helps the audience feel that a lot of time has passed since she lost her powers.


  • Nightcrawler is in the intro!

Oh Hell yea! He wasn't actually in this episode. No one I was dying to see was, but still...hell yea!


  • Storm being ridiculed by the Adversary (Native American Demon/God owl creature)

  • Forge has a magical injury and Storm is nursing him back to health.

  • Forge uses magic to disband the Adversary

So it looks like this is pulling it's inspiration from both Lifedeath and Fall of the Mutants.

  • Storm goes to a cave to find special flower that can heal Forge

  • Needs to crawl through a tunnel to get it.

  • Claustrophobia sets in

  • Adversary comes back

  • Storm rejects the Adversary and the lie that she isn’t good enough

  • Gets her powers back, dons her Giant Sized X-Men outfit, has a beautiful moment

There are so many amazing and heartwarming scenes in this damn show! I love that Storm is donning her very first costume. While the themes aren't super strong, I wonder if this is also drawing inspiration from Storm's transformation, here showing us that she's done with the mohawk, new costume, and no confidence. She's the fricken Goddess again and all better watch out!

The Imagery in this scene is strongly in line with the Fall of the Mutants.

  • Storm consists staying with Forge, but then sees the Genoshan attack

Savage Xavier

  • Deathbird and the Imperial Guard vs. Ronan and the Kree

  • DB looking for the Supreme Intelligence

  • Gladiator on full display as Superman copy

Would they include Ronan if he wasn't played by the amazing Lee Pace in the movies? Probably not. Does it matter? It does not. They namedrop the Supreme Intelligence. I wonder if he'll come back into play, however I doubt it. Other than Maximum Security, I don't think the Supreme Intelligence interacts much with the X-Men.

  • Xavier is walking with the help of a special suit

Remember in the my last blog I was talking about how the Rogue/Magneto Savage land story was my favorite to date? Well if you read that link, you'll see that I call that story arc "Savage Xavier." That's because while the amazing Savage Land stuff was going on, Xavier was busy being a savage in space with Lilandra. I didn't love that half of the story as much, but I'm still pumped that my favorite issues are being drawn from again.

  • X and Lilandra to get married

  • Humans (terrans) seen as a lower species, some don’t approve.

  • Lilanda tries to remind her people of his greatness (D’Ken, Phoenix)

Remember when Lilandra's murderous brother tried to murder everyone? Yea, the X-Men stopped him. Remember when a member of the X-Men tried to murder everyone? Ok well, maybe that doesn't help them, but the X-men did kind of stop that too.

  • Deathbird challenges Xavier, asks him to renounce Earth

  • Xavier agrees but then refuses to forget/renounce the X-Men

He's coming back ya'll!

  • Deathbird uses this as justification to attack. 

  • Gladiator protects Lilandra

  • Mini civil war

  • Xavier brings everyone to the Astral Plane where he can school them

  • Claims the Shi’ar are conquerors

There are some subsets of society who aren't going to like this re-shaping of history. However, I bet that group is either not watching X-Men or not bright enough to catch what's being insinuated here.

  • X sees Gambit dead and declares he needs to get back home

  • Mr Sinister was behind the Genoshan attack

Wahahahahahaha. I laughed out loud when this happened. Do you have any idea how many articles I read about how this series is going to introduce Cassandra Nova, which will then directly connect to Deadpool & Wolverine? People were so sure about that, but nah. We're just sticking with Sinister. I'm completely fine with that. You know what though, I would personally put money on Sinister as being the villain behind everything when the X-Men finally do hit the big screen, so this is still setting that up, but not in the way that the clickbait articles suggested.

I wonder how Rogue's doing...

My Rating- 6/10 (Mostly because I wanted to see the aftermath of last week's episode!)


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