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1992 Tier List


A new feature I'm introducing here is a quick Tier list, with a comparison to the previous Tier List. I'm only going to do the "Favorites" piece every 5 years (of publishing), which ranks my favorite characters, issues, moments, and assembles the dream team. So here is my 1992 Tier list which you can compare to my last one (at the bottom) that I did through 1990. I'll do these more frequently moving forward.

You can create your own version of this tier and post a link to it in the comments for me (and other readers) to see:

My X-Men Universe Characters Tier list, through 1993.

S Tier

  • Cable is the only one to remain in the S tier from my 1990 ranking. He came hot on the scene and between the success of X-Force, X-Cutioner's Song, and the Cable solo comic, Cable is really the center of the X-Men universe at the moment. I have always liked him and I still do.

  • Magneto has always been one of my favorite characters, mostly due to how rich he is. He hasn't had a single panel since 1991, but the Savage Land arc plus the 3 issue X-Men launch (Claremont's swan song) was enough to elevate him to S tier.

  • Nightcrawler! I had him at the B level before, but he is becoming a powerhouse. In Excalibur he has truly taken over leadership duties and his charisma alone is carrying the comic.

A Tier

  • Cannonball was a borderline S tier candidate. To be honest, he was pretty boring in New Mutants, but no character has grown on me as much as him. He's currently leading the X-Force and is the only one not to hesitate to put Cable in his place, which makes me respect him more.

  • Wolverine - The story here is actually that he dropped out of S tier. He is still one of the poster boys for the X-Men, but he's lost that "Philosopher Logan" persona which I loved so much.

  • Apocalypse is the key X-Men villain and I love his lore.

  • Kitty fell out of the S Tier. That makes me sad, but she's hasn't been given enough to do in Excalibur.

  • Jamie Madrox is the shit. He's funny and I like him!

  • Psylocke's profile is so high. I liked her as a British lady and I like her as a ninja.

  • Storm fell out of the S Tier. Claremont did so much with her, but she's really not getting enough attention.

  • Rogue stays put. I like her and she's a core member.

  • Sabretooth has been given a lot of action lately between the main series and the Wolverine solo comic.

  • I'm loving the characterization of the X-Force characters, which includes Polaris and Strong Guy (who cracks me up).

  • Stryfe has been elevated into the top villain tier. I'm hyper focused on him as long as I'm focused on Cable.

  • Domino is just such a badass.

  • I like that Mystique is sticking around as a fixture even though she's not a true villain anymore. I'm very interested in her characterizations.

B Tier

  • Bishop's here. He's cool, I guess.

  • Cyclops is moving past his character assassination with Maddie. I know many people love him. I'm not there, but I don't despise him anymore.

  • Colossus, Gambit, and Archangel are all getting more interesting stories lately.

  • I have a soft spot for Boom-Boom.

  • Whenever the Mutant Liberation Front is in a comic, I get excited.

  • Excalibur was slowly dying and I will always associate Kylun and Cerise with the Alan Davis era that made the comic interesting again.

  • Deadpool is just cool. I'm not objective.

  • Jubilee. Is she annoying? Is she fun? I don't know, I just gave her a B and moved on.

  • Quicksilver is actually pretty damn interesting and would probably be higher if he was given more to do.

  • Rachel! Here's a story, she moved from the F Tier to B. That's a big deal. Alan Davis has made her less whiny and I can somewhat stand her now.

  • Jean should be higher, but she's barely in the comics the last few years.

  • Meggan dropped every since she took Captain Britain back and lost her agency.

  • Meh to Widget, Mr. Sinister, Siryn, Captain Britain and Mojo.

D Tier

  • I'll summarize them all together. I don't actively dislike any of these characters, but I don't care about any of them. Some of them because they aren't featured by the creative team and others are and I just care deeply about them. (Professor X, Beast, Havok, Brotherhood, Fitzroy, Forge, Iceman, Omega Red, Rictor, Shatterstar, Wolfsbane, and Warpath.)

F Tier

  • I actively dislike Feral, Ferron, Gideon, Masque, Maverick, Micromax, Mikhail, Sunfire, Sunspot, and Kane.

My X-Men Universe Characters Tier list, through 1990.


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