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1993 Tier List


You know the drill. At the end of each year I make a new Tier list of each character and explain how the character has changed in my mind since the last time I did this. Feel free to check out my 1992 and 1990 list.

You can create your own version of this tier and post a link to it in the comments for me (and other readers) to see:

S Tier

  • Cable - Wowwwww, he's the only character to stay in the S Tier from 1990 until now. !993 really was the year of Cable with him being the focal point of X-Tinction Agenda, the centerpiece of X-Force, and spawning his own solo comic.

  • Cannonball - I guess I really like X-Force. With Cable spending half the year missing, Cannonball really grew into his leadership position and turned into a character I love.

A Tier

  • Multiple Man - Jamie Madrox moves into the top spot in the A Tier. He cracks me up, his power is fascinating to explore, and his death this year give me a whole lot of feels when I think of him in 1993.

  • Nightcrawler - Nothing fantastic happened with him, but he retained leadership of Excalibur and continues to be a strong character.

  • Polaris - Staying in the A Tier and surviving a change from Peter David to Scott Lobdell to J.M. DeMatteis. X-Factor, and Polaris in particular, is consistently given great characterization with the entire roster appearing in the top echelon of my ranks.

  • Colossus - It took a year of shitting on him and turning evil to get him from the B Tier to the A Tier. To be honest, he's been quite boring so this has been the most I've ever really been excited by him.

  • Psylocke - This has been a big Psylocke year. Between her flirting with Cyclops or getting a twin with Revanche, she always seems to be at the forefront.

  • Quicksilver - This was a huge year for Quicksilver. With Magneto getting the focus in Fatal Attractions, this pushed Quicksilver into the short list of characters who made it to the away team. He also got center age during the Bloodties crossover with the Avengers.

  • Rogue - Always strong, always a favorite of mine. Her best moments were under Jim Lee and Claremont when she got involved with Magneto. Her and Gambit are good too.

  • Strong Guy - All of X-Factor characters are well written and this guy cracks me up, yet he's still vulnerable.

  • Sunspot - I also love X-Force and he JUST learned how to fly. Recency Bias.

B Tier

  • Wolverine - Honestly, it wasn't a great year for Wolverine. He used to be in the S Tier in 1990 when Claremont was writing him and here he is all the way in the B Tier. His solo comic is average at best. I still love the character and he's the center of most stories. It helps that one of his most iconic moments in his timeline, getting his adamantium skeleton ripped out by Magneto, happened this year during Fatal Attractions.

  • Bishop - He's fairly interesting, but nothing great happened lately.

  • Boomer - I love X-Force and her dating Sam is fun.

  • Random - I'm a sucker for indulging in the 90's.

  • Storm - My girl, oh how you have fallen. Why is no one interested in her even half as much as Claremont was???

  • Domino - Lol, Domino has barely appeared in the comics so far, but from the little I've seen, I love her.

  • Cyclops - When am I supposed to start loving him again?

  • Fabian Cortez - He's had a big year.

  • Kitty - Ugh. She's still my favorite, but she was under utilized in 1993. We are down to only 3 members in Excalibur at the moment, yet we still can't figure out how to make Kitty interesting again!?

  • Gambit - He's Kewl.

  • Havok - Probably the most boring member of X-Factor, saved by amazing writing.

  • Rachel - At least she isn't as terrible of a character as she was in her first year in Uncanny.

  • Siryn and Random - X-Force side characters are great this year!

  • Tempo - Maybe the most interesting villain this year!?

  • Wolfsbane - I think I hate Rahne, but she's human again and I like X-Factor so she snuck in the B Tier here.

C Tier

  • Trevor Fitzroy is the only semi interesting member of the Upstarts in my opinion.

  • Jean Grey - She should be higher, but she's just not.

  • Jubilee - I love Jubilee in the animated show!

  • Vanessa (Copycat) - I'm actually SUPER interested in this character, but she's essentially written out now, which makes me sad.

  • Archangel and Beast - Maybe one day I'll care more about these two.

  • Cerise and Kylun - I actually really like both of them but they were written out of the series, which was a dumb decision.

  • Feral - Pretty cool recent story arc with her defecting to the MLF.

  • Micromax - I like this guy a lot even though he's had like 2 panels total.

  • Shatterstar and Warpath - They are the most underdeveloped characters in X-Force at the moment, but Nicieza has been trying harder lately.

  • Toad - He's certainly more interesting than he used to be.

D and F Tier

  • Magneto - I'm so pissed at what they did to him in Fatal Attractions. You brought him back to life just to commit character assassination!? I'm so mad about this.

  • Megan - Another personal favorite who has been absent for most of 1993, which is another poor choice in Excalibur.

  • The rest are mostly one note villains who probably shouldn't have bothered including at all.

For the basis of comparison, here was my Tier list at the conclusion of 1992:

Also, just for kicks, here is my current ranking of the individual series in the order of how excited I get to jump into each series:

  1. X-Force

  2. Cable

  3. X-Factor

  4. X-Men

  5. Uncanny X-Men

  6. Excalibur

  7. Wolverine (Still undecided if I will continue reading it)


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