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167: Wolverine # 115 - 118 (OZT: Wolverine and the Fate of the X-Men)

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Wolverine # 115 - 118

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Wolverine # 115 - 118: The Fate of the X-Men

Writer - Larry Hama

Pencils - Leinel Francis Yu

Picking up on a thread from Generation X, Jubilee doesn't believe that Bastion really has the X-Men, until she sees...

Jubes knows that Bastion couldn't be faking Wolverine reaching out for Jean right as they crash.

Wolverine is really messed up from the plane crash and isn't able to heal due to a power inhibitor.

Since they haven't done their homework, they assume that Wolverine is dead and throw him in an incinerator. But first they are like "this guy is toast, so take the jacket off him so we don't burn that too. Critical mistake...

Wolverine breaks the rest of the X-Men out.

I want to start by sharing my exact note from my original read after this panel because it's pretty funny: "Storm and W very close. Claremont reference??? Why is she dressed like a stripper?" Yea, let's talk about this. All the sudden, Storm and Wolverine are super close and holding hands a bunch throughout this arc. Are these nods to the Claremont era? Is there going to be an actual concerted effort to have these two act as close as they did back in the day, or is this just a Larry Hama thing and it won't continue. Since Storm has been pretty irrelevant in the Lobdell era and Wolverine's feral form sucks, I would welcome this. Speaking of which...he isn't being portrayed as feral here. What's going on!? Did I miss something where he got reverted back or was this just some accidental art? Oh, and why is Storm dressed like a stripper?

Jean gets in the goons minds and gets them to start shooting at each other.

After the X-Men escape, they are helped by a blind man at a nearby outdoor shelter. They get to know this guy, Mustang, and he explains that many crippled people have come here to access some special treatments to be cured.

It turns out that the "special treatments" were really OZT operatives secretly turning them into Prime Sentinels, and it turns out the Mustang was the baddest mofo of them all.

In a really cool scene, Wolverine stops what he's doing and catches a familiar smell in the air.

Right as the X-Men are apart to embark on a mission, he ups and disappears.

It turns out that he smelled Jubilee in the desert and he ran off to save her. This was a pretty heartfelt moment and you can tell Hama is pumped to have her back in the comic.

Picking up on Robert Kelly's decision, SHIELD is chasing these Sentinels.

Cyclops takes a near fatal blow during the firefight.

It turns out that he has a nano bomb in his chest!

Once again, Storm and Wolverine are holding hands.

My Rating - 7/10


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