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217: XTX # 20-23: Schism

What’s Covered?

X-Treme X-Men # 20 - 23, X-Treme X Pose # 1 - 2

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XTX # 20 - 23: Schism

Writer - Chris Claremont

Pencils - Salvador Larocca

X-Treme X-Men vol. 1 #20    1/1/2003    Chris Claremont    Salvador Larroca

  • Rogue and Gambit are powerless

I think I missed when/how this originally happened. I'm guessing Khan stabbing a knife through them did this?

  • W is taking care of Storm while she recovers in a wheelchair

That's cute. Wolverine comes to help his best friend and former fuck buddy.

  • Bishop trying to convince Sage to re-join Xavier

  • Sage doesn’t think that Xavier still wants to help both mutants and humans

More shitting on Professor X

  • Sage and Bishop investigate a murder scene where seven mutants have froze to death

  • The killer is a teleporter, but he might have killed them to put them out of their misery?

  • B and S go to the school where they are tortured by students at the urging of Emma, but one of the boys is the perp (Jeffery Garrett) and attacks

X-Treme X-Men vol. 1 #21    2003    Chris Claremont    Salvador Larroca

  • B and S were teleported naked to Times Square

  • A pro vs anti mutant crowd gathers until one of the mutants turns into a dinosaur

  • Storm gets into a verbal mental battle with Emma about not releasing Jeffery

  • W encourages Storm to not be pushed around

I love seeing the rivalry between Storm and Emma. This goes all the way back to the body swapping incident from the 80's.

  • Emma takes Jeffrey on a psychic journey

  • It looks like he might be the killer, but then he screams no, and teleports her into water

Emma gives Storm a hard time, but then she interrogates Jeffrey anyway. I like this.

  • Prof X is trying to mind call Emma but she’s not answering 

  • Emma’s eyes start to bleed

X-Treme X-Men vol. 1 #22    2003    Chris Claremont    Salvador Larroca

  • Sage thinks that Emma is under the control of billionaire Ellias Bogan. The man who owned the house where 7 ppl died

  • Sage and Bishop fight Emma at the school

  • Emma fights and loses to Storm

X-Treme X-Men vol. 1 #23    2003    Chris Claremont    Salvador Larroca

  • All of the dead ppl are recreated in the danger room

  • Their essences survived

I was not terribly interested in this. I should probably re-read it since I'm missing some plot points, but I'm not going to.

X-Treme X-Men X-Pose

Writer - Chris Claremont

Pencils - Arthur Ranson

  • X-Treme X-Men: X-Pose #1    11/13/2002    Chris Claremont    Arthur Ranson

  • A TV show wants to get an exposé on the extreme X-Men

  • They interview Storm and get a speech. They’re used to not be many mutants, but nowadays there are Legion. She gives the interview while she steps out of her wheelchair and wolverine helps her to walk.

  • Next they interview Sage and Bishop

  • They give speeches about how their mission is to protect all life, including humans, and mutants

  • X-Treme X-Men: X-Pose #2    12/23/2002    Chris Claremont    Arthur Ranson

  • The ratings obsessed producer plans to shoot a negative video until AA gets him fired, leading to a negative article. 

My Rating- 4/10


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