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218: NXM # 134-141: Riot at Xaviers

What’s Covered?

NXM # 134 - 141

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New X-Men # 134: Jumbo Carnation's a goner

Writer - Grant Morrison

Pencils - Keron Grant

We start by meeting a famous mutant fashion designer named Jumbo Carnation.

However we don't get a chance to fully meet him because he's murdered by a group of humans.

This arc is focused more on the students at the Xavier Institute than the teachers. The "advanced class" has the 5 Stepford Cucko's, a genius named Quentin Quire, a hotshot named Slick, good ole Glob Herman (pink skeleton guy), and Tatoo. They are all very upset about the death of Jumbo Carnation at the hands of humans.

We learn that there is a rivalry between Quentin Quire and the Cucko's. QQ is seen as Xavier's top pupil, but the Cucko's are no slouch themselves. They also don't like that he has telepathic abilities that they can't get past.

QA receives a surprising phone call where he learns that he's adopted. This seems to be the catalyst for a change in his persona.

QQ's first act of deviance is taking out his petty jealousies on Slick.

Apparently Slick was using his impressive charisma powers to improve his appearance. QQ outs him for what he really is and suddenly all the other students from the advanced class (except for the Cucko's) begin following him.

New X-Men # 135: Freaks and Geeks

Writer - Grant Morrison

Pencils - Frank Quitely

From this point forward, we'll start seeing another group of mutants, however this is the "Special Class" taught by Xorn and made up of Angel, Basilisk, Beak, Martha, Ernsty, and Dummy.

All the mutants are getting ready for “Open Day” when humans will be allowed to attend the school. Quentin shows his new look with purple hair, a partially shaved head, and a new outfit. He expresses his desire to challenge humans on Open Day and even tells Xavier

"What if I have a Dream you don't like?"

In addition to prepping for Open Day, the teachers ask the students if they are on a mutant power performance enhancing drug called "Kick."

Quentin and his group of lackeys (Radian, Glob, Quentin, Redneck, and Tattoo) take the drug and attack a group of mutants to fight back against humans for what happened to Jumbo Carnation.

Professor Xavier holds a mental quorum with the other faculty. X is worried they are watching the creation of a super villain. Emma thinks they need discipline. Wolverine thinks they just wait and let them grow out of it. Jean thinks it all the drugs fault.

Regardless, QQ and his group are making a violent statement.

New X-Men # 136: U-Men are still around

Writer - Grant Morrison

Pencils - Frank Quitely

QQ and his band attack some U-Men

Angel is coming on pretty strong to Beak, but then the U-Men start attacking Xorn’s camp.

Xorn leaves, testing them. Beak takes the lead. Uses a condom to plug the hole in Dummy (living gas). Basilisk uses his Cyclops power. They are definitely trying to make us like Beak...and it's working.

Emma and Scott are making out in their thoughts

QQ hits Xavier with a baseball bat. Puts Magneto’s helmet on him to restrict his telepathy

QQ starts a riot for Open Day.

New X-Men # 137: Quentin Quire Rebellion

Writer - Grant Morrison

Pencils - Frank Quitely

The riot starts with QQ teaching Glob how to throw fireballs!

The Cucko's don't miss an opportunity to point out that they predicted this.

QQ disables Wolverine by trapping him with memories of his Origin.

Cyclops, Beast, Xorn, and even Emma fight QQ and his gang to get things under control.

Sophie and the Cucko's use Cerebra to stop QQ.

QQ is stopped, but Sophie, the Cucko who went in Cerebra, died!

New X-Men # 138 - Rebellion Quelled

Writer - Grant Morrison

Pencils - Frank Quitely

Beast, Cyke, and Xorn stop Glob from blowing up a bus

The rest of the Omega gang claim to have been forced by QQ

Cuckoos quit and say:

“You’re all shiny surface with nothing underneath. You have no feeling and no heart. Just nasty jokes and cleverness. People like you are a danger to impressionable children, miss Frost.”

QQ going through a secondary mutation, maybe dying.

X stepping down as headmaster

The cuckoos tell Jean about Scott and Emma‘s mental affair, and then Jean walks in on them, mentally fucking.

New X-Men # 139 - 141: Murder at the Mansion

Writer - Grant Morrison

Pencils - Phil Jimenez

  • Jean confronts Emma

  • Emma grew up in a aristocratic household

  • Used her powers to move up at the Hellfire Club

  • Jean wants to know what happened in Hong Kong

  • Emma mentions that W and Domino are banging

  • Jean is openly talking about having access to the Phoenix Force

  • Scott blows open the door

  • Hank finds Emma shattered on the ground

  • Bishop and Sage show up to help figure out who shot Emma

  • Beast puts the pieces of Emma back together, and Jean telepathically glues her back into place, then uses her telepathy to put her consciousness back into the body

  • Beak and Angel had a bunch of babies

  • Esme was behind it all. She used the drug, Kick, to overpower the hive mind. 

  • She pushed her sister towards death when she tried to resist during the riot

  • She took control of Angel and had her shoot Emma

My Connections and Creators

Another master class story arc for the Morrison era. Kid Omega (Quentin Quire) is another one of those characters who I read about in the Krokoa era (I believe during X-Force), but inspired me to go back and learn about these characters from the beginning. With that being the case, I was so pumped to see him introduced. He's definitely portrayed here as a burgeoning villain, so it will be interesting to see where his story takes him in the future.

I've also heard for a long time that Scott and Emma had a relationship, so I was pumped to see it finally happening. I really have no idea what comes next. I think I remember hearing that they dated for a while, so does that mean he'll divorce Jean. Was this the dating? Does that happen in another comic line? I have no idea, but I can't wait to find out.


*This arc was primarily about the students, so the adult super heroes were relegated to the B plots.


Scott has been officially busted for cheating on Jean with Emma! I can't wait to find out what happens next. I'm still more intrigued by Scott than I ever have been before.


She just found her husband cheating and she's got the Phoenix power. This can't be good. I love that she went right after Emma, but I'm eager to see how she addresses Scott.


Lol, she's not much of a hero. She's scandalous and I love it.


Barely in this.


Barely in this.


Barely in this.

My Rating- 9/10

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