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189: X-Force # 87-99 (New Hellions)

What’s Covered?

X-Force V1 # 87-100


X-Force # 87 - 90: New Hellions

Writer - John Francis Moore

Pencils - Jim Cheung & Terry Schumacher

  • 87

    • New Hellions are introduced

      • King Bedlam (Chris Aaronson), Tarot, Magma, paradigm, switch

Finally, the Bedlam brothers are reunited and the sibling is a bad guy. I feel like the name Hellions is a bit wasted on this. Also, I feel like all the writers are so focused on "Hellions, those were the guys we competed with as New Mutants" and forget the fact that you have the leader of the Hellions (Warpath) right there on the team.

Tarot and Magma are back. Tarot was never a big character so I guess she got enough attention in this arc. Magma barely got any focus and it once again seems like her return is wasted. However, she was always kind of harsh so it fits that she would fall in with the baddies. I wonder what it is about Magma that makes writers not care.

  • Meltdown meets her dad

  • Sunspot and MD fighting

The romance is on the rocks.

  • 88

  • Feral is in the New Hellions

See, now THIS is interesting. Whenever Feral shows up, I'm perking up in my chair a bit.

  • Tarot helping warpath

  • Domino was actually switch

Ha, we got Domino duped again!

  • King Bedlam wants to end mutant violence by bringing humanity to their knees

Stop me if you've heard this one before...

  • 89

  • Some creature known as the Armageddon Man is released

This plot seems random and unnecessary

  • They capture a Senator

  • Tarot helps XForce


  • Dani has quantum powers?

I was a bit confused by this.

  • 90

  • King Bedlam Controls the Armageddon Man

  • Feral has the legacy virus

  • Feral slashed Siryn’s throat

Oh shit! Ok, so this is impactful. It reminds me of when her dad got his throat damaged by Moses Magnum. It makes me wonder if JFM got a little tired for Siryn and decided to just remove her or if this was done purely for emotional effect. It's not like Feral and Siryn have a rivalry or anything, so it's gotta be one of those two reasons.

  • The senator tells them how to beat Armageddon Man

X-Force 91 - 99: Other Comics...

Writer - John Francis Moore, Fabian Nicieza (Ann '99)

Pencils - Tommy Lee Edwards, Anthony Williams, Chris Renaud, Jim Cheung

  • 91 Siryn

    • JFM/Tommy Lee Edwards

    • Siryn deals with the loss of her voice and powers

      • Banshee helps look for her

      • She quits at the end

Siryn is officially written out.

  • MD dumps Sunspot

The romance is officially over. It's the end of an era.

  • Sunspot picked up by INS

Sunspot will stay in the comic (something Siryn can't really say), but he won't be with the team for quite some time.

  • 92 Domino and Halloween Jack

    • JFM/Mike Miller

    • Domino pulled into weird dimension with Halloween Jack

    • Sunspot may need to leave the country cuz of Reignfire

    • Dani may have powerful powers and can save the world

I love Dani but this plotline seems a little dumb.

  • 93 Eternals

    • JFM/Anthony Williams, and Chris Renaud

    • Moonstar, Cannonball, Warpath, Meltdown, and Bedlam go with two Eternals (Electryon and Astarte) to an island in the Pacific.

    • Dani has quantum powers.

    • The Eternals steel Danny’s powers to solve some sort of issue

    • Sunspot is being deported

  • 94-95 Pete, wisdom, and genosha

    • JFM/Jim Cheung

    • Cannonball, Dani, Tabby, Warpath, Domino, and Bedlam head to Genosha

    • They were summoned by Pete Wisdom

    • A mutant named Delphi trades them helpful memories for their memories

    • QS tries to stop them

    • PW wants to recover a satellite

    • Selene makes an offer to Sunspot

    • 95

    • XForce Vs Magneto

    • Pete gets his friend’s brain back.

  • Ann 7/99

    • Fabian N, Chris Renaud

    • Rictor and Cannonball are up to Shenanigans

  • 96 Sam’s Uncle

    • JFM/ Anthony Williams

    • Sam goes on a boring mission with his uncle

    • Sunspot and Selene are about to get into some Reignfire shenanigans

  • 97

    • Sunspot allies with Selene

    • The remnants of Reignfire are out within a Golem, which XF later destroy.

  • 98

    • JFM/JC

    • Selene gets Sunspot to join the Hellfire Club by reseructing Juliana, his OG girlfriend

  • 99

    • The demon bear is loose in San Fran

    • Dani is swallowed by the bear which takes her into its dimension while XF fights it

    • She absorbs it’s energy which destroys it, but leaves 4 versions of Dani in its place

My Connections

I love X-Force, but the quality is dying off. I don't think it's long until this starts turning into that weird X-Statix stuff. I might even consider giving up on the comic if I didn't know we were close to it being over.


John Francis Moore is a serviceable writer, but I don't see him winning any awards or writing any memorable arcs anytime soon.

My Rating- 4/10


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