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188: UXM 378, XM 98 (Ages of Apocalypse)

What’s Covered?

Uncanny X-Men # 378, Cable # 77, Wolverine # 148, X-Men Unlimited Vol 1 # 26, X-Men V2 # 98

My Connections

Let me just come right out and say that this story arc is messed up. It's confusing and doesn't make any sense. So I guess once Apocalypse took over Cyclops body, he thought it would a good idea to keep making a bunch of alternate realities to throw the X-Men off. I'm sure someone in the marketing office said "Why don't we do another Age of Apocalypse" and everyone got excited. But I would like to believe if anyone knew they weren't going to have an overall story, just a collection of smaller stories that weren't that great, someone would have pulled the plug on the idea. Regardless, that's what happened and I obviously don't like it. So instead of giving this great coverage, I'm going to continue my theme of racing towards New X-Men.


Uncanny X-Men # 379: A different origin

Plot - Alan Davis

Script - Terry Kavanaugh

Pencils - Andy Kubert

  • Jean Living through an alternate origin

    • Original 5 with Storm and Gambit instead of Scott and Warren

    • Different Brotherhood with Polaris, Rogue as Mastermind, Marrow as Toad, and not surprisingly evil Sunfire

  • The 12 + XM realize the world is an illusion

  • Scott reaches out to Jean but X doesn’t buy it.

Cable 77: Future Reality

Writer - Joe Pruett

Pencils - Bernard Chang

  • Cable and X lead a resistance in Egypt. Aliya is there.

    • Japan (Sunfire)

    • Kenya (Storm)

    • Genosha (Magneto)

  • All a dream

Wolverine # 148: The New Fantastic Four

Writer - Erik Larsen

Pencils - Roger Cruz

  • New FF

    • W, Ghost Rider, Hulk, Spider-Man

  • Fighting Annulus and Blastaar

  • SM and MJ have a spider daughter

  • W dating Cable’s Stacy

  • Doom assassinated President Kelly

  • X-Man killed Apoc and took his throne

X-Men Unlimited # 26: X-Men on the Moon

Writer - Joe Pruett

Pencils - Brett Booth

  • X-men

    • W, Cable, Phoenix, Rogue, Iceman, Siphon

  • X-Men on moon vs Shi’ar

  • Horseman show up

  • Excalibur shows up

    • Kitty, Cecilia, Gambit, Jubes

    • Col Cap Britain, X-Man, NC, Banshee

  • Ahab shoots Kitty and Caliban attacks him. Deathbird puts him down.

  • Xavier and Skrull show up

  • Siphon (lady Mastermind) fakes out the dark Phoenix and the Shi’ar flee.

X-Men V2 # 98: Old Balls

Plot - Alan Davis

Script - Terry Kavanaugh

Pencils - Alan Davis

  • In 2099 we learn that the XM went universal and solved the universe’s problems

  • They are somehow still alive but mega old

  • Marrow married Gambit

  • Col married Kitty

  • Jean is a teacher

  • Apocalypse tricked the old guard into using their powers to save Professor X, but then we learn all of these realities have been a trick. Apocalypse needed them to willingly use their powers all at once.

  • He's then beaten once and for all, everyone is brought back to the prime reality, but Scott goes missing.


I would like to thank Sean Whitemore from LA for writing into Cable Grams in the year 2000. Here's some gems from his segment:

Cable's whole mission seems to have changed. What happened to training Cannonball to become the high lord who will lead the mutant resistance? What happened to all the External stuff?
I wonder where the idea came up for Cable's mission to be taking down Apocalypse? You'd think he might've mentioned that when he first appeared, over five years ago.

And their response:

"Cable's mission hasn't so much changed, Sean - we've simply revealed more and more of it as time's gone on."

I call bullshit. It's fine though. This is was happens in comics. Different creative teams do whacky shit with the material that came before.

My Rating- 3/10. BAD


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