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185: Cable 64 - 74 (The Harbinger)

What’s Covered?

Cable 64 - 74


Setup: Cable 64 - 65

Writer - Joe Casey

Pencils - Jose Ladronn

  • Cable tells Irene his life story

This is made to be a HUGE deal, but I feel like he already did this. This is probably designed to be an entry point for new readers.

  • Waitress (Stacey) asks C to cure her brothers Down syndrome.

Woah! That just happened. Also, her brother does not act like a kid with Downs Syndrome at all.

  • Ozymandias seeks out Blaquesmith

These two become buddy cops for a while.

  • Tinkerer builds an acidrone

  • C destroys it

  • Ozymandias shows Blaquesmith the prophecy

  • Rachel shows up, shows C his destiny

Rachel sighting!

  • Ozymandias unveils “The 12”

The Harbinger: Cable 66 - 68

Writer - Joe Casey

Pencils - Jose Ladronn

  • C tells waitress (Stacey) his whole story

  • New York evacuated downtown because there is a being in the sky (Apocalypse's Harbinger)

  • C fights the creature. It’s the same one from before!

  • Avengers show up (Cap, Iron Man, Wonder Man, Vision)

  • Thor joins but it keeps adapting

  • Thor sends it to another dimension, but that only temporarily stops him.

  • Ozymandias says Cable will be the one to gather The Twelve

  • Apocalypse turns the being into a bomb

  • Iron man gives C boots to blast the being into the Atlantic. Someone saves him last minute

Filler: Cable 69 - 72

Writer - Joe Casey (69 - 70), Joe Pruett (71), Shon Bury (72)

Pencils - Jose Ladronn (69 - 70), ROB LEIFELD (71), Chap Yaep (72)

  • 69 Sanctity

    • The timekeepers saved C and are putting Madame Sanctity on trial

I know more than this happened. I read this right before I fell asleep. I should even go back and re-read this, but I figure if I can't remember, it must not be very important.

  • 70

    • C returns after a week away

    • Breaks up with Stacey

    • The non Zealot (Caesar) returns to kill Stacey

    • C Vs Zealot

    • Caesar tries to steal an old man’s Time Machine and blows up

    • C kisses Stacy in the rain.

  • 71

    • Rachel brings C to her timeline

      • Sees a hardened Cable fighting Ahab

      • Different XF, which he sees murdered

    • Rachel says it’s time to find the 12

    • Stacey tells C she needs to be alone, can’t endanger Kenny

  • 72

    • C Vs Post in Morlock Tunnels

    • C convinces Post that it’s not too late to turn around his life…also he’s finally ready to stop blaming C.

X-Force: 73 - 74

Writer - Joe Pruett

Pencils - ROB LEIFELD (73), Bernard Chang (74)

  • Caliban emerges from a cocoon

  • C visits XF to say goodbye

    • Dom, MD, Sam, Dani, Roberto, Warpath, Jesse Bedlam

    • Where’s Siryn?

      • (Feral slashed her throat?)

    • Sam and Tab hug him

  • Caliban (Pestilence) attacks C

  • Warpath is hurt

  • Caliban leaves. Runs to Deathbird (War)

  • DB attack Dom

  • C, WP, SS fall sick (Pestilence)

  • Cable saves the others on the astral plane (not psionic plane), but DB and Cal take C’s body

My Connections and Creators

Holy shit, Rob Leifeld came back to pencil two issues. You know what, I know he's kind of a tool and he can't draw feet and he's not good with plot...yadda, yadda, yadda. I don't care. I hate this Manga shit. I love early 90's Image style art. I think "Ladronn" is an era I won't soon miss. He's been making Cable look like an episode of Leave it to Beaver. No, I'm thrilled to see Leifeld come back. Yea!

It looks like Joe Casey is giving way to Joe Pruett. I don't have much of a reaction to this. The whole Irene, Stacey, Blaquesmith, Hell's Kitchen thing was ok. I didn't love it, I don't hate it. Let's see what this Joe Pruett guy can do.

My Rating- 5/10


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