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184: UXM # 369-371, XM 88 - 91 (Space/Time Travel & Douglock)

What’s Covered?

UXM # 369 - 371, XM V2 # 88 -91, and X-Men Annual 1999

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UXM# 369, XM # 88: Juggernaut and a Weird Reality

Plot - Alan Davis

Script - Joe Casey (UXM369), Terry Kavanaugh (XM 89)

Pencils - Alan Davis

  • Team in weird dimension with green pacifist creatures

    • X, W, NC, Storm, Col, Kitty, Marrow, Gambit

This shit was really trippy, guys.

  • The juggernaut has a second Gem of Cyttorak and is breaking a wall between realities

  • Prof x takes Kitty, W, and NC to find Juggs

  • X and W merge

There are going to be a bunch of repercussions of these two merging.

  • Storm in a trance world with young Storm

    • Meets the Trion, the holy Trinity that owns this reality

  • Gambits powers misfire and he accidentally hurts Marrow.

This is another big story beat that will lead to Gambit hovering over Marrow and the team of them getting close. It hasn't happened yet, but I get the feeling Marrow fell for Gambit.

  • W and X still connected

    • W still giving X a hard time about stopping him from killing Magneto by shutting him down.

    • They go inside Juggs mind, find Cain, help him take back over

  • Time and space tearing

  • Storm wakes up, fixes the tear, and fucks up the trion

  • XM sent away, but only to another weird planet with two moons (Skrullos)

  • Marrow badly hurt

UXM# 370, XM # 89-90: Skrullos

Plot - Alan Davis

Script - Terry Kavanaugh, Alan Davis (XM90)

Pencils - Alan Davis , Andy Kubert (XM 90)

  • NC runs into Thunderbird (Yes, the dead guy)

  • Storm and W run into Spider-Man

  • G yells at X for not caring as much about Marrow as he would have about Jean or the rest of his original crew.

This is a true burn and makes sense considering that Xavier is only going to continue being a huge dick.

  • Kitty and Kurt discover fake Avengers and other X-Men

  • Kitty replaces her doppelgänger and learns they (fake heroes they ran into) are all Skrulls AND they (The X-Men) are lost in time, before Galactus destroys their homeworld

So all is revealed. The X-Men were transported back in time to Skrullos. It's a time when the Skrulls were planning to replace all of Earth's Super heroes. But it's also right before Galactus came and destroyed their planet.

  • G takes off with Marrow and steals a Quinjet

    • Adam W, Cap Marvel, and Thunderbird on the run because they became expendable after their true counterparts died

This is pretty clever. These Skrulls had given up everything to take on their counterparts, but when they died in reality, these beings had no purpose anymore. Now they are on the run.

  • Galactus shows up on the Skrull homeworld (in the past.)

  • X appeals directly to Galactus

    • He won’t listen

  • Marrow comes out of the pod, looking majestic and with more control of her power.

  • Kitty teams up with the dead(ish) Skrulls to help W

  • G destroys the planet as Kitty and W beam everyone up

  • Kitty puts them all in suspended animation and they arrive as they left.

This is crazy. Their solution to get back into their time is to go into cryo sleep and just spend 30 years drifting so they arrive back on earth right around when they left.

UXM 371, XM 91, XM Annual 1999: Douglock

Plot - Alan Davis

Script - Terry Kavanaugh

Pencils - Jimmy Cheung (UXM 371), Andrew Robinson/Dan Panosian (XM 91), Rick Leonardi (Ann 99)

  • XM come back into orbit

  • Cable's Agent gets retrofitted with tech

  • X is bitchy and depressed, the little bitch

  • Exc (Kitty, NC, Col) wants to hang out at Muir Island

  • Marrow feels “right”

  • Douglock (or Warlock) emerges from the ground

    • Shield has new Deathlok

    • Rogue gets dressed up for Gambit’s return but sees the hotter Marrow draped all over him

    • Red Skull is controlling Douglock as he takes over a helicarrier

    • Red Skull had some power from the Cosmic Cube that he used to control Douglock

    • The three XM meet up with Kurt

    • DL fights for his humanity

    • DL sends Deathlok to kill him but Kitty intervenes

    • NC and Fury stop Red Skull

    • Machine Man and Colossus rescue survivors

    • Other XM (Rogue, Storm) show up

  • Warlock - 1-9

I'm simply going to acknowledge that that there is a Limited Series surrounding Warlock that ran for 9 issues. It wasn't on Marvel Unlimited, I couldn't find it anywhere to buy it, and I certainly couldn't find any summaries on the internet. So exists, but I didn't read it. If i did, it would have been covered here.

P.S. I feel pretty guilty about how poor this entry is. I've mentioned this before, but I'll just add that the quality is pretty low and I don't expect it to get any better until 2001 when we hit Grant Morrison and New X-Men. Until then I will read the issues and provide some token coverage, but unless I'm wowed (like I was for the Magneto War stuff), I don't plan to give it as detailed coverage.

My Rating- 5/10


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