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183: UXM # 368 (Magneto Rex)

What’s Covered?

UXM # 368, Magneto Rex # 1 - 3, X-Men Unlimited # 23


Magneto Rex # 1 - 3

Writer - Joe Pruett

Pencils - Brandon Sanderson

  • Mags arrives in Genosha, humans attack him, mutates help him

We hope Magneto didn't expect this to be easy. He shows up in the middle of a civil war.

  • Alda Huxley remains behind

  • Voght goes to get QS

    • He’s captured by magistrates

  • Jenny Ransome, Philip Moureu, Pipeline make up council

  • Fabian Cortez is conscripted by Mags

How is this dude not dead. Seriously, isn't he dead? Even if he's alive, how could anyone want him around.

  • Rogue heads to Genosha

Of course she does.

  • A rogue Zealot is opposing Mags, captures QS

  • Voght and Rogue working together.

  • Rogue kisses Magneto, discovers that he is no longer the man she might have loved.

  • Voght is shot

  • Magneto Vs the Zealot

  • The Zealot is Philip Moureau’s brother!

Forced plot twist!

  • Apoc in Genosha liking how things are progressing

  • Magneto sends the Zealot into space, covered in metal.

  • QS decides to stay in Genosha as a counterbalance and advisor

This is supposed to be more shocking than it is.

  • Jenny, Philip, Fabian, and Pipeline remain as his council

UXM # 138: Epilogue

Writer - Alan Davis

Pencils - Andy Kubert

  • W sneaking into Genosha to kill Mags

    • Just the danger room

  • Prof X meets with Huxley at the UN

    • He (and I) are wondering what she’s playing at

  • Mutants gathering and planning- Joseph’s funeral

    • Scott, Jean, Sabra, Beast, Iceman, Maggot

A Maggot showing!

  • Wolverine is still pissed at Xavier for mentally shutting him down.

    • He wants to kill Mags and doesn’t care if X disagrees

  • Many team members teleported away

This sets up the next, boring arc.

X-Men Unlimited # 23: Professor X is a Jerk!

Writer - Ben Raab

Pencils - Al Rio

  • Marrow threatens X for getting in her head

  • X being too stern. Goes for an Astral stroll.

    • Checks on Gen X. Thinks they are arrogant

    • Next, XF. Then Cable

  • Rogue comes to Kitty for advice

    • X pushed her hard, re-enacting her fight against the Avengers

  • X tells Kitty to shape up or ship out

    • Kitty tells NC and Col that X is still a jerk.

  • Turns out X is shaken by Magneto, thinking Mags won. NC reminds him that they lost a battle, but not the war.

I'm a few issues ahead of this. Professor X is still being a huge dick.

My Connections and Creators

I feel like the concept of Genosha has changed too much. The Civil War part seems inflated. Like at one point the mutates were brainwashed and happy to be free. Then all of a sudden...boom, civil war. It just hasn't seemed right.

Way too much haughty dialogue. Mags and QS sound too preachy. I'll blame this Joe Purett guy.

(Sorry for the succinct blog today. My next one will be better if the story is better.)

My Rating- 6/10


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