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176: Cable # 48 - 53: Noir Cable

What’s Covered?

Cable # 48 - 53


Cable # 48 -53: Noir Cable

Writer - James Robinson (48 - 50), Joe Casey (51 - 53)

Pencils - Ladronn

  • 48

    • Reporter, Irine Merriweather, is interested in Shaw and the Hellfire Club

    • Cable saves her from Hellfire goons

#48 opens with a real Noir theme, and I actually dig it. Reporter Irene Merriweather is investigating a mystery surrounding Sebastian Shaw and her path ultimately cross with Cable.

  • 49

    • Donald Pierce tried to get C and Irene killed.

    • Some new baddie, Paladin, with HF goons

    • C learns that the Tomorrow Agenda is a plan to kill Apoc and take his power

  • 50

    • Cable checks on Scott

    • We learn that Apoc poured his life essence into a being in the early 1900s

      • Shaw trying to wake him up

    • Madeline warns C to stop Shaw

    • Cable fights being

    • Cable reasons with being

I really like how the episode started off emotionally with Cable checking on his pops, the younger Scott Summers. I'm pretty impressed with how the various writers are able to mash up one persona of Cable with as the grisled veteran with another persona of a son recently connected with his parents.

I'm not going to lie, it's incredibly unsettling when Madeline Pryor shows up randomly in front of Cable. You would think it might be a fun relationship to toy with, but it just always ends up coming across weird to me. It's one thing for him to interact with his dad who's younger than him, but then when he meets his mom who is young, hot, formerly evil, and dead...I just can't do it.

  • 51

    • C and Irene head to Switzerland

    • C fights mobs of HF goons, like Neo vs Agent Smith

    • ChVayre helps Shaw and Pierce as they squabble

    • An old man named Wilhelm helps C…ends up being Master Man??

Who...the Master Man and why is this set up like it's something I should care about when I clearly don't?

  • 52

    • Ch’Vayre was brought to this time by Madame Sanctity, to engineer a battle between c and A

    • Wilhelm is a former Nazi super soldier, now a C believer and is trying to repent

    • C ditches Irene before heading into the Alps

    • Wilhelm sacrifices himself for C and dies

  • 53

    • Apoc not in tomb

    • C Vs Pierce

    • CV locked in a tomb

    • Apoc frees Ozymandias and Caliban from servitude

Notice I'm not comment much on the story. It's because you're not missing much. But Apocalypse releasing Ozymandias and Caliban from this servitude, that's a pretty big deal. I almost didn't like how it happened unceremoniously in this random Cable issue. I feel like these late 90's comics have gotten to the point where anything interesting better happen in the X-Men titles or else it's not a story worth telling. Is there going to be an event coming soon?

My Rating - 7/10

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