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202: UXM 392 - 393, XMV2 111-113 (Eve of Destruction)

What’s Covered?

UXM # 392 - 393, XMV2 # 111 - 113, X-Men Unlimited # 30


Eve of Destruction

Writer - Scott Lobdell

Pencils - Leinel Francis Yu, Tom Raney

  • XMU # 30

    • Quicksilver warns Wolverine that with the legacy virus gone, no obstacles remain in Magneto’s path for global domination

  • XM111

    • The whole issue is a Trish Tilby report

    • With the Legacy Virus cured, Magneto takes full control of Genosha.

    • The world expects an imminent attack

    • Johanna Cargill delivers a chilling message as ambassador to the UN

  • UXM392

    • Jean breaks Cargill out of a UN torture room

    • Jean starts recruiting new X-Men

    • Northstar signing books as a gay super celebrity

      • Hector Rendoza.

        • Skin is translucent

        • Codename "Wraith"

      • Paulie Provenzano

        • Invulnerable

        • Italian gangster

      • Sunfire’s sister

        • Sunpyre

    • Northstar beats up Paulie for making ignorant gay comments

    • Cyclops and W in Genosha on secret mission.

    • Cargill apparently helping out (and we later find out Jean is brainwashing her)

    • Dazzler rings the doorbell

  • XM112

    • Magneto has Xavier hung on a cross. He’s using the imagery to rile up his troops.

    • Cyclops, Wolverine, and Lorna Dane (Polaris) are taking care of refugees

      • Cyclops is getting overly emotional with a baby and wolverine thinks that he’s a changed man and maybe they can’t trust him because he’s using his gut more than his head

    • Magneto sends Blob and Random (that's Random) to intercept Wolverine and Cyclops

    • Great quote from Wolverine to Cyclops:

“ Look, I'm not really good at this and I don’t have to remind you we’ve never been that close. But do you want to talk about anything? About when you were apocalypse or he was you or you know, anything?”
  • UXM393

    • Magneto talking nicely about Colossus to Xavier

    • Dazzler talks about how the age of Apocalypse version X babies took over the Mojoverse, and might have killed Longshot

    • They all land in the middle of an arena, face-to-face with Magneto

    • Magneto attacks Dazzler, and she’s turned into dust

  • XM113

    • Jean and new XM vs Mags

    • Jean confirmed to be mind controlling Cargill

    • Mags is beating them but Jean tricks him and W stabs him.

      • This will leave Magneto in a wheelchair.

Cable and the Dark Sisterhood

Writer - Robert Weinberg

Pencils - Tom Derenick

  • C is taking on the Dark Sisterhood. Using mind erasing attacks

  • Gina Anderson is the Dark mother and dev of Defense. Killing off speaker and pro temp to become president

  • C blamed for their deaths.

  • Gina put in jail. Her assasination attempt fails

  • Rachel comes to help Cable.

  • The dark mother is revealed to look just like Jean Gray, and be a descendent of cable

  • Cable goes to a diner and meets a man named Cole who is 30,000 years old and a Neanderthal, who was abducted by aliens

My Connections and Creators

Scott Lobdell randomly shows up to clear the table for the linewide re-launches. In the CBR article "How 'Eve of Destruction' Set Up Grant Morrison's New X-Men,"Brian Cronin explains why the Legacy Virus plot needed to be cleaned up:

"Morrison's run sort of revolved around the idea that mutants were becoming more and more widespread and it seemed as though Homo Sapiens might actually be on their way to extinction in a few generations in favor of Homo Superior. It did not make sense to still have a virus out there that killed mutants willy nilly, so Lobdell had the Beast finally find a cure..."

Another hanging plot thread was that Morrison wanted to use Cyclops in his run, so Cronin gives us some more insight:

"Claremont's run followed a traumatic event at the end of Alan Davis' run when Cyclops was possessed by Apocalypse. Morrison, though, wanted Cyclops for his run, so in the next story he did in X-Men and Uncanny, Lobdell had a crossover called "Eve of Destruction" (art by Salvador Larroca and Leinil Francis Yu) where Magneto takes control of Genosha, which now has 16 million HEALTHY mutants after the country was nearly destroyed by the Legacy Virus."

One more setup (which I won't say too much more about until we get to New X-Men) is that Eve of Destruction set up Magneto in a weakened state:

"Then, in the final part of the story, Magneto is defeated and Genosha is eliminated as a threat and then Wolverine paralyzes Magneto..."

My Rating- 7/10


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