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201: The Search for Cyclops

What’s Covered?

The Search for Cyclops # 1 - 4, UXM #391, Cyclops # 1 - 4


The Search for Cyclops # 1 - 4

Writer - Joe Harris

Pencils - Tom Raney

  • 1

    • Scott is in Morocco with no memory

  • 2

    • Ozymandias takes a grieving C and Jean to find Apoc

    • Anais, a servant of Ozymandias, has found Scott

  • 3

    • Caliban (Pestilence) finds Scott

    • He’s fighting to hold Apoc back inside him

    • Gauntlet going after him too

      • Secretly sent by little dude to kill Scottpocalypse

  • 4

    • Scott flees to Akkaba

    • Anais wants to take on the essence of Apoc

    • Jean pulls out the essence of Apoc and C stabs it with his scimitar

UXM 391 - Cyclops and Corsair

Writer - Scott Lobdell

Pencils - Salvador Larocca

Scott and his pops (Corsair) spend the day fishing. They both get their feelings out and hug. The end.

Cyclops Mini Series

Writer - Brian K. Vaughn

Pencils - Mark Teixeira

  • Cyke attacked by Juggs and Black Tom on his way to Alaska.

    • They were hired by Ulysses

  • Cyke tracks them to the Savage Land where he fights Ulysses

    • Cyke fights a Visigon, restoring a tribes sight

  • Cyke beats Ulysses in Paraguay

My Connections and Creators

None of these stories were that great. But you know what is great? The fact that I'm almost to another re-launch.

My Rating- 4/10


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