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57: Excalibur # 6 - 7 (Inferno Part 3)

What’s Covered?

Excalibur V1 # 6 - 7

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Excalibur # 6 & 7 - Inferno lite

Excalibur # 6 opens up with Rachel blasting her way through the Lighthouse (literally destroying floors as she flies North) answering a pshyic call from her half brother, Nathan.

Kurt notices that Meggan is dressed scantily. He seems to think that's in her nature and takes note that Brian doesn't seem to notice or care.

Nightcrawler furthers to think about him driving her away and then suggests that Brian and Meggan fly them to Manhattan to chase after Rachel.

Remember when Widget teleported the train Moira and Callisto were on (as covered in 53: Excalibur 1-5)? Well apparently a Nazi train came in it's place. This is setup for the next few boring issues where Nazi dopplegangers of Excalibur terrorize Britain.

Rachel sees Madelyn and assumes it's her mom, Jean.

This is the only Madelyn we get in the arc as Madelyn fires at Rachel, sending her flying down below.

The team stops on a boat on the way to New York so Kitty can pee (hehe) and Megan gets a lot of attention from the sailors. This starts a trend of her acting like a chameleon, constantly changing her shape to match what people want.

Kurt saves her from the sailors (because Brian wasn't paying attention) and then Meggan picks up Kurt and they fly off.

When they get to New York, Meggan is immediately taken over by demonic forces. I didn't catch this originally, but I wonder if that's whole chameleon thing? It must be! So obvious now. The demonic forces want everyone to be evil and she goes too far with it.

She becomes the Goblin Princess for a few issues.

For some dumb reason, Brian is turned into a constantly changing movie villain and he spends the next few issues chasing Kitty, who is constantly transformed into a damsel.

After getting struck by Madelyn, Rachel is turned into a mannequin. The demon Crotus (who is the same one who brought Taki to N'Astirh) decides that he loves her and wants to marry her.

Kurt is the only one who doesn't go through anything crazy. He ends up befriending a gargoyle that came to life, but doesn't have any demonic intent.

Crotus sets up a ceremony to marry Rachel.

Meggan, the Goblin Princess, watches as Brian and Kitty fight each other.

This must have happened at the same time that Illyana dies. The soulsword and armor come to Kitty, which she uses appropriately. Striking the soulsword through Brian, Meggan, and Rachel frees them from their demonic entrancement.

Next we'll dive into the thrilling concluding chapters of Inferno. The X-Men will finally come face to face with the original members (X-Factor), we'll get more great exposition from Sinister, the Goblin Queen will execute on her final plans, and more! Buckle up for an amazing ending!

My Connections

I really didn't want to do a whole blog focusing on just 2 Excalibur issues, but here we are! And this conundrum with blogging also shows some of the flaws in the issue. The team is technically taking part in Inferno, but they are segregated from the other super teams and their capers are really more of a side show. The other 3 parts were too large and this didn't fit in with them.

This is a decent little run, but nothing crazy. After all my intense excitement to start reading Excalibur, I find myself currently disappointed when it's time to start an Excalibur run. I'm sure this is only temporary and due to the other teams having huge things going on!

The super team finds it's way to Manhattan and they interact a little bit with demons, evil objects, etc. Kurt is still putting himself between Brian and Meggan. Kitty is still cute. Rachel is still a little batshit nuts. You know, it keeps on keepin on.

My Rating - 3/10


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