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237: Academy X # 1 - 6 (Choosing Sides)

What’s Covered?

New X-Men Volume 2 (Academy X) # 1 - 6

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Academy X # 1-6 (Choosing Sides)

Writer - Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir

Pencils - Randy Green, Staz Johnson, Michael Ryan

New X-Men vol. 2 #1    5/19/2004    Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir    Randy Green

  • Cyke and Emma open the re-built Charles Xavier Institute for Higher Learning

    • Josh Guthrie (Icarus)

    • Norico Ashida (Surge)

    • David Alleyne (Prodigy)

    • Sofia Mantega (Wind Dancer)

    • Laurie Collins (Wallflower)

    • Josh Foley (Elixir)

I can't say enough how much I love these kids. I like their new, official names too.

  • The fearsome five go into the danger room to find someone Norico forgot

  • She’s wearing giant metal arm bracers now to control her power

Norico seems to be the centerpiece of this series now, sporting her giant metal arm bracers.

New X-Men vol. 2 #2    6/16/2004    Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir    Randy Green

  • Julian gives the fearsome five a hard time, but relaxes when Sofia asks nicely. Calls her beautiful. 

  • Dust (Sooraya) is Norico’s new roommate

  • Dust explains that she wears a Burqa because in Afghanistan you are not supposed to show skin to boys (modesty)

  • Norico is offended (wearing skimpy clothes) and accuses Dust of setting women back 50 years

I will refrain from commenting on how they are commenting on diverse cultures here.

Pretty excited to see Dust again though! I assumed I would never see her again.

  • Cyclops gives Norico a hard time for breaking into the danger room, but he lets her off because they performed admirably. She complains about her gauntlets being ugly and annoying, but cyclops makes a comment about being in the same position because of his visor. She also complains about dust.

I like their little bonding moment here.

  • David is claiming that he will leave the school if they break him up from his friends and force him to be an ex-man.

    • David does not want to be in the X-Men.

So David's fitting into the reluctant hero archetype. Ok, ok.

  • Josh gives him a hard time, saying at first you couldn’t stand me now you’re going to leave the school because we’re split up?

  • Josh accuses David of having a crush on Dani

Get used to this. There is a lot of teen horniness and drama in this comic. And you know what? I'm very entertained.

  • Emma’s squad

  • Julian Keller (Hellion)

  • Josh/Jay (Icarus)

  • Cessily Kincaid (Mercury)

  • Santo Vaccaro (Rockslide)

  • Jay Guthrie (Icarus)

  • Sooraya Qadir (Dust)

  • Brian Cruz (Tag)

I'm very interested in this team. I hear about Hellion a lot. I'm not sure (or wasn't sure) why he got to be named Hellion (they explain it later). As I mentioned earlier, I am intrigued by Dust. Icarus (new name) is a bit boring, but I like that we're getting more development of side characters. Not to mention, a Guthrie. Icarus also doesn't seem like belongs with this group right from the jump.

  • They play 3 on 3 b ball

  • Jay and Laurie sit out

  • Dani gives them costumes

  • Official squads assigned. 

  • Dani has the New Mutants

  • Emma has the Hellions

Fitting. I love it.

New X-Men vol. 2 #3    7/21/2004    Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir    Staz Johnson

  • New Mutants and Hellions fighting

Not Surprised.

  • Dani and Emma fighting

  • Rahne is a teacher too!

I'm a sucker for nostalgia.

  • Rahne and Josh are making out, but she breaks it off. She’s 19 and he’s 16.

I appreciate the age clarification. I'm down for the drama.

  • Dani wants Kevin Foley (Wither, the kid who can kill ppl with his touch) to be the 6th member of her squad

  • Dani selects David as leader, but he backs down

  • Surge doesn’t want it

  • Laurie suggests Josh, but Dani says no because he’s a healer and needs to focus on individuals. (Seems like a thin argument).

  • Sofia is the leader! She volunteered


New X-Men vol. 2 #4    8/18/2004    Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir    Staz Johnson

  • Hellions vs New Mutants in a mission to find Lockheed

  • David was the one with a plan

  • Sophia got distracted arguing with Julian 

  • Josh thinks David should be leader, but David stands behind Sophia

There's a theme here that I don't live where they (authors) are intentionally making Sophia make mistakes. I should probably be happy that they aren't making her a Mary Sue, but I'm not sure why they are making that choice.

  • Mercury touches Kevin. Since she’s made of Mercury, which is Metal, she can. 

  • Kevin has eyes for Laurie though

  • Josh asks out Laurie to make Rahne jealous. Then Kevin agrees to sit with Cessily to get back at Laurie

Drama Rama!

  • The FBI shows up to arrest Kevin for murdering his father.

New X-Men vol. 2 #5    9/15/2004    Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir    Michael Ryan

  • Josh and Laurie out on their “date.”

  • Jay talking to Sooraya

  • The FBI want to talk to Kevin. Emma and Dani don’t want him to but Scott does

  • Julian gives an impassioned speech about not gossiping about Kevin

  • Sophia likes the speech

  • Someone compares the speech to Magneto

  • The Hellions, minus Icarus, plus Sophia are going to get Kevin out of jail

Another interesting choice for Sophia. Does she like Julian? Is she just making a bunch of bad choices?

  • New X-Men vol. 2 #6    10/20/2004    Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir    Michael Ryan Hooray! Racism? Good use of her emotional manipulation powers. This seemed right. Glad it happened.

  • Hellions plus Sofia vs NM + Icarus

  • David tells Sofia he would follow her. Says she was the good leader for realizing there was no easy answer. Julian was the bad leader for thinking it was simple. Sofia switches back


Academy X # 7 -9 (Ghost Stories)

Writer - Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir

Pencils - Michael Ryan, Carlo Pagulayan

New X-Men vol. 2 #7    12/1/2004    Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir    Michael Ryan

  • David’s little sister Kim visits the school

  • Jay thinks a ghost moved a picture of his dead girlfriend. 

  • Kim thinks she is a mutant because she talked to a young dead boy. 

  • Dani confirms it’s a ghost

Not much to say because this is a lame arc.

New X-Men vol. 2 #8    1/12/2005    Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir    Michael Ryan

  • The ghost makes the kids fight Magneto in the danger room

  • Josh and Kevin get in a fight over Laurie

Hmm, it seems like Josh doesn't even truly like Laurie. It's clear that Kevin and Laurie are a better match, but will that ever happen!?

  • Cyclops gives Julian a great scold, which works.

  • The ghost talks to them all at the cemetery and tells them all to leave

New X-Men vol. 2 #9    1/26/2005    Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir    Carlo Pagulayan

  • The ghost teleported them above a lake. 

  • Julian saves David and then says he’s going to help them solve it so he doesn’t get blamed

  • Josh and Laurie go on a date

  • Laurie doesn’t know her dad’s name

Ut oh, where's this going? Who's her dad?

  • He forced her mom to marry him

  • Rahne sees Josh kiss Laurie and then breaks up with him for good…for Laurie

  • Dani says the ghost is a dead teleporter who died when "Magneto" attacked. 

  • Nori is sad that David’s sister doesn’t like her

  • Kevin talks to a therapist

My Connections and Creators

This is an instant favorite series for me. I'll circle back and add more to this in the near future.

My Rating- 9/10


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