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234: Limited Series in 2004

What’s Covered?

Cable & Deadpool # 1 - 6, Emma Frost 7 - 18, X-Men Unlimited # 2 - 6, Rogue Volume 3 Jubilee volume 1, Madrox Volume 1, Nightcrawler Volume 3, Sabretooth Volume 3, NYX # 1 - 7, Starjammers Vol 2, Secret War, X-Men, Fantastic 4 Volume 1

My Connections and Creators

Wow! This is a lot of Limited Series. Were people really buying all of these in 2004? Seems like over-saturation to me. I'll tell you one thing though, there are a lot of really big names here in the writing credits. Robert Kirkman, Brian Michael Bendis, and Joe Quesada. These are names I'm very familiar with, but I've never read before. We also have some big names coming back like Fabian Nicieza and Peter David. Hell, we've even got some cover art by Rob Leifeld.

While there are some decent stories, I think I could've skipped every one of them without missing much. Sorry if that's not pumping you up to read this thrilling blog. I also skipped the Gambit Limited Series from 2004 because the past ones were terrible and I decided to not even bother this time.

It's been soooo long since I've done a normal blog. A full 5 weeks since my last normal blog and 2 months since my 2nd to last normal blog. My last 4 were unique ones such as a Chuck Austen Retrospective, a Grant Morrison Retrospective, a Chris Claremont X-Treme X-Men retrospective, and my Favorites as of 2004. Not to mention that I've been covering X-Men '97. Oh, and I had a baby (my 4th) a few months ago.


Cable & Deadpool # 1 - 6

Writer - Fabian Nicieza

Pencils - Mark Brooks

This one was pretty good. I'm still considering whether I give this it's own dedicated to coverage or layer it in alongside other blogs. I have always given Cable his own blog coverage (until the end when it got really bad), but I've been skipping the Deadpool series in my first read through. If the next arc stays good, I'll give it more special treatment. Also, very good to have my friend Fabian Nicieza back.

Cable & Deadpool #1    3/24/2004    Fabian Nicieza    Mark Brooks

  • DP gets a job from the One World Church

  • Everyone looks the same, and blue

  • Needs to steal a new bio weapon, Facade Virus

  • Runs into Cable

  • “blow My Mind! if it isn’t Nathan Dayspring Askani’son Summers Cable Soldier X!”

Holy shit this cracked me up!

Cable & Deadpool #2    4/21/2004    Fabian Nicieza    Mark Brooks

  • C shoots DP in the head, then realizes the bio weapon was already gone

  • 3 teens stole the virus

  • One of them is found by C as he melts to death

  • After watching 2 of the teens die, Cable cures the 3rd

  • DP gives the virus to the church after Cable shot him in the head

These two crazy kids keep shooting each other like it's no big deal! I had previously criticized Nicieza for not nailing the Deadpoolisms, but he's doing pretty great this time around.

Cable & Deadpool #3    5/19/2004    Fabian Nicieza    Patrick Zircher

  • C rests with Professor Xavier It's both good, and surprising that Irene is still sticking around. I really did not expect her to stick around this long. I like that there is serious concern over whether Cable is going to do some terrible shit. Also, it hasn't gone unnoticed that the pot is calling the kettle black here.

  • Talking about how he had cured the TO virus, but it came back

  • Has a mental chat with Irene, asks her to look into the One World Church

  • DP being tested by the church. His DNA is helping

  • DP pretends to be a convert

  • Cable is infected with the virus

Cable & Deadpool #4    6/16/2004    Fabian Nicieza    Patrick Zircher

  • Cable cannot access his mutant powers, and this makes the techno organic virus go crazy

  • There appears to be no antidote

  • Deadpool and Cable are fighting

  • Both are dying and they need each other to be cured

This was both creative and cute. Awww, they need each other.

Cable & Deadpool #5    7/21/2004    Fabian Nicieza    Patrick Zircher

  • C swallows DP, uses his healing to get his TK back, then pushes back the TO virus and cure both him and Wade

  • DP is no longer disfigured 

  • Kutch (Head blue guy) is heading to Singapore where a better version of the virus can be found

  • Lightmaster metahuman fights C in Singapore but is working for the church

  • C kills him and uses him to get control himself of the virus and works

I'm going to be honest. It's been a few months since I read this and I have no idea what these notes are referring to.

Cable & Deadpool #6    8/18/2004    Fabian Nicieza    Patrick Zircher

  • Cable hijacked the plan and turned everyone on the planet pink instead of blue

  • C builds Graymalkin again

  • He does body slide by 1 but that merges him and Wade’s bodies together. 

  • Irene set it up to stop him

  • C turns everyone back into their original color, this activates Wades power, destroying the virus

  • DP is back to normal

  • C written about as a hero

  • XM show up to stop him

They almost got us! Cable isn't going evil, he had it under control all along!

Emma Frost 7 - 18

Writer - Karl Bollers

Pencils - Carlo Pagulayan

  • Emma Frost #7    1/28/2004    Karl Bollers    Carlo Pagulayan

  • Great issue

  • Emma is on the streets. Keeps getting fired. 

  • Meets a dishwasher boy (Troy) who lets her crash there. 

  • Loan sharks come for Troy

  • Emma Frost #8    2/11/2004    Karl Bollers    Carlo Pagulayan

  • Emma wins big at the casino, uses her powers to stop the loan shark thugs 

  • Emma Frost #9    3/10/2004    Karl Bollers    Carlo Pagulayan

  • Emma kisses Troy

  • Troy gets evicted

  • Emma tricks the casino into giving her 5K but she gets caught

  • Emma Frost #10    4/14/2004    Karl Bollers    Carlo Pagulayan

  • Troy and Emma are almost killed by the loan sharks 

  • They try to bribe her dad but he won’t give any money as ransom

  • Emma Frost #11    5/12/2004    Karl Bollers    Carlo Pagulayan

  • Adrienne sells the ransom video to the press, now her dad is forced to pay

  • Troy is killed

  • Emma Frost #12    6/9/2004    Karl Bollers    Carlo Pagulayan

  • Emma uses her power to trick the 5 criminals, ends up walking away free

  • Emma takes the money and heads to NY

  • Emma Frost #13 - 18    7/21/2004    Karl Bollers    Carlo Pagulayan

  • Emma enrolls at Empire State University with blonde hair

  • Has a mental breakdown and stops going to class

  • Runs into her former teacher (Ian)

  • Ian is dating her roommate

  • Ian attacks the roommate

  • Starts dating Emma

  • Freaks out when he learns she’s a mutant

  • Basketball player Max keeps asking her out

  • They eventually go out, but after she won’t put out he attacks her. 

  • Emma meets a psychic friend

  • They get close

  • Turns out the friend made her have a mental breakdown, pushed Max to attack her, and made Ian attack the roommate. 

  • Emma steals all of her skills and puts her into a coma. 

All I can say is that I really liked this series. You would think that since it isn't relevant to the ongoing continuity that I wouldn't be interested, but it was super fun to get a good origin story about a character I really like.

X-Men Unlimited # 2 - 6

Creators - David Hine, Robert Kirkman, Adi Granov, Takeshi Miyazawa, Jai Nitz, Mike Raicht    Georges Jeanty, Staz Johnson, Lee Barnett, Ted Naifeh    Travel Foreman, Greg Tocchini, Vito Delsante, Scott Killinger    Lee Ferguson, Rael Lyra, Tony Bedard, Paul Benson    Paul Pelletier, Alex Sanchez

X-Men Unlimited vol. 2 #2    4/14/2004    David Hine, Robert Kirkman    Adi Granov, Takeshi Miyazawa

  • Bishop shakes down a local gangster in District X

  • Jubilee exposes herself as a mutant in a mall to impress a boy. Cyclops is mad at her for assaulting an officer. 

Nice little Jubilee story that I appreciate.

X-Men Unlimited vol. 2 #3    6/3/2004    Jai Nitz, Mike Raicht    Georges Jeanty, Staz Johnson

  • Gambit tries to rob, and then help, a CIA defector

I'm usually bored by this, but this was a nice story.

X-Men Unlimited vol. 2 #4    8/4/2004    Lee Barnett, Ted Naifeh    Travel Foreman, Greg Tocchini

Love me some Juggs and Sammy. It made me tear up seeing these two together again knowing what's about to happen to them.

  • Juggs

  • Cyke puts Juggs through a training program to see if he’s ready to become a gym teacher. 

  • Juggs helps Sammy with his homework and takes responsibility for those he’s hurt in the past. 

Classic Emma

X-Men Unlimited vol. 2 #5    10/20/2004    Vito Delsante, Scott Killinger    Lee Ferguson, Rael Lyra

  • Two lame Wolverine stories

X-Men Unlimited vol. 2 #6    12/8/2004    Tony Bedard, Paul Benson    Paul Pelletier, Alex Sanchez

  • Storm, Kitty, Emma, and Sage tell stories of bad dates

  • Rachel is possessed at a hospital, Rogue has to calm her down 

Rogue Volume 3

Writer - Robert Rodi

Pencils - Cliff Richards

This story was alright. Not good enough though for me to remember what happened, so I'm acknowledging that it exists and sending traffic to

Jubilee # 1 - 6

Writer - Robert Kirkman

Pencils - Derec Donovan, Michael O'Hare

If you told me I was about to read a Robert Kirkman story, I would say "Oh, is this a Punisher story? Daredevil? Some apocalyptic Brood story?" Nope, it's a story about Jubilee making friends at a new school. Lol, I guess Kirkman has range!

Jubilee #1    9/1/2004    Robert Kirkman    Derec Donovan

  • Jubilee moves in with her aunt 

  • Aunt gives her a hard time about yellow coat 

  • Jubilee tries to fit in at a new HS

  • Aunt is putting together a sniper rifle?

  • Two girls at school jump Jubes, but she’s used her power

Jubilee #2    10/6/2004    Robert Kirkman    Derec Donovan

  • Jubes befriends a nerd, Meg Devereux

  • Jubes has to be a peer counselor as punishment for beating up those two girls. 

Jubilee #3  -6 11/3/2004    Robert Kirkman    Michael O'Hare

  • Jubes is crushing on a jock, Dale, but he keeps going back to his girlfriend

  • June’s goes on a date with a gang banger, Sam Shooter, who turns out to be a mutant

  • Aunt Hope is an assassin. 

  • When J thinks Hope is killed, she goes back to the XM with Wolverine

Madrox # 1 - 6

Writer - Peter David

Pencils - Pablo Raimondi

Peter David is so good at writing Jamie Madrox. I can't wait until he re-boots X-Factor with Madrox front and center!

Madrox #1    9/15/2004    Peter David    Pablo Raimondi

  • One Madrox is stabbed

  • Rahne finds a Madrox drunk

  • A monk version shows up

  • Jamie doing investigations 

  • Rahne talks to Strong Guy

  • Madrox has been sending thousands of dupes out to have different experiences, then re-absorbing them to learn from them. 

Madrox #2    10/20/2004    Peter David    Pablo Raimondi

  • Jamie helps a reporter who is getting beat up

  • The reporter is a secret telepath

  • A woman asks for PI help. Her quadriplegic husband may be cheating via Astral projection 

Madrox #3    11/17/2004    Peter David    Pablo Raimondi

  • A beautiful woman was cheating on her mob husband with the dupe who was stabbed. 

  • Bishop shows up

  • Jamie makes a dupe who is only focused on the last thing he was thinking, that life is worthless 

  • Turns out one  of the Henchman was a dupe

  • Dupe of self loathing

Madrox #4    12/15/2004    Peter David    Pablo Raimondi

  • Before the punk dupe can shoot him, he absorbs him without touching him. He learned that from the Shaolin Monk dupe

  • Jamie’s stabbed dupe married the fiancé 

  • The Astral projection was boinking a dude

  • Jamie thinks that the reporter has been killing mob bosses

  • The hot fiancé is the real murderer

Madrox #5    1/19/2005    Peter David    Pablo Raimondi

  • Rahne sliced the astral projection, which killed the original man

  • Clay, the assassin working for the fiancé, is also a dupe mutant

  • The fiancé was really a Brood (or something). 

  • The gangster kills the Brood and Clay

  • Detective agency make changed to X Factor Investigations 

Nightcrawler Volume 3

Writer - Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Pencils - Darick Robertson

Nightcrawler vol. 3 #1    9/22/2004    Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa    Darick Robertson

  • NC investigates a case where 13 mutant children are killed

  • Dr, Child’s incinerates the guard on duty, who apparently took money to leave his post. 

Nightcrawler vol. 3 #2    11/10/2004    Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa    Darick Robertson

  • Frank, the guard, is consumed by fire that wasn’t put out when NC ported him into a lake. 

  • NC goes to Amanda Sefton for help

  • Seth, the only surviving boy used magic, tied knots to stop him from talking. 

  • Seth’s aunt takes him, but she might be a demon

Nightcrawler vol. 3 #3    12/8/2004    Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa    Darick Robertson

  • Seth’s Aunt is possessed by 13 demons, the ones Dr Childs brought into this world by killing the 13 kids

Nightcrawler vol. 3 #4    12/22/2004    Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa    Darick Robertson

  • Dr Childs took Seth, to cut his knot and let the big demon out

  • NC is there, so is Kitty who makes Seth transparent as the demon comes through. 

  • The demon kills Dr Childs

  • Amanda Sefton helps capture all the demons

This was a pretty interesting story. Also could have been fine skipping it.

Sabretooth Volume 3

Writer - Daniel Way

Pencils - Bart Sears

Sabretooth vol. 3 #1    10/6/2004    Daniel Way    Bart Sears

  • Sabertooth is cutting up a bunch of people in a small frozen island

  • Sasquatch comes to help

Sabretooth vol. 3 #2    10/20/2004    Daniel Way    Bart Sears

  • Sasquatch fights Sabretooth

  • There might be a 3rd monster

Sabretooth vol. 3 #3/4   11/3/2004    Daniel Way    Bart Sears

  • Sabretooth was hunting the Wendigo. He didn’t kill the innocents 

  • He succeeds

NYX # 1 - 6

Creators - Joe Quesada, Zeb Wells, Joshua Middleton

Joe Quesada!? The guy who is about to become Editor in Chief of Marvel? Ok, let's pay close attention.

NYX #1    10/8/2003    Joe Quesada, Zeb Wells    Joshua Middleton

  • A young girl named Kiden watches her dad, a cop, get shot

  • When she’s 16, she’s messed up in a bad neighborhood

  • At the end she’s in a brawl and stops time

NYX #2    11/12/2003    Joe Quesada    Joshua Middleton

  • Kiden breaks a gangbanger’s arm while time is stopped

  • Gangbanger shoots at Kiden, she stops time, but then a teacher gets shot. 

  • 6 months later Kiden ran away and the teacher (Carmen) is depressed. 

  • Kiden finds her attempting to commit suicide 

NYX #3    12/10/2003    Joe Quesada    Joshua Middleton

  • While with Carmen, Kiden has a dream where her dead dad tells her to go a hotel

  • Holy shit! It’s Laura Kimmey’s first appearance!

  • She is a prostitute and killed a John

NYX #4    5/26/2004    Joe Quesada    Joshua Middleton

  • Kiden slowed down time and spent months in 3 days

  • Lived for 5 real months on the streets

  • We learn that Laura didn’t kill the John, he killed himself

NYX #5    10/6/2004    Joe Quesada    Robert Teranishi

  • The girl crew help a young girl (Tatiana) who turns into animals and is chased by a mob

NYX #6    7/13/2005    Joe Quesada    Robert Teranishi

  • The pimp hires a mutant to find the girls

  • He can control other ppl’s bodies but then he forgets everything

NYX #7    9/28/2005    Joe Quesada    Robert Teranishi

  • All the girls come together, including Bobby Soul. They kill the pimp and all his men. 

  • Still not sure what was up with the dead dad talking. 

Wow, that was good! The type of story that only on after dark on premium channels. Also, did Laura Kinney just get backdoor introduced!? I don't know how I expected her to make her first appearance, but it wasn't in this random story with her as a murdering prostitute.

Starjammers Volume 2

Writer - Kevin J. Anderson

Pencils - Jorge Lucas

This story happened, but Corsair isn't even in it. Skip!

Secret War

Writer - Brian Michael Bendis

Pencils - Gabrielle Del'Otto

Another big name, Brian Michael Bendis, let's see if this is any good.

Secret War #1    2/4/2004    Brian Michael Bendis    Gabrielle Del'Otto

  • Some girl attacked Luke Cage, putting him in the hospital

  • Villain Shrike gets caught by the Avengers, put on a mission by SHIELD, and killed by his old handlers 

  • Fury is trying to find out who is bankrolling the Tinkerer and other villains

Secret War #2 - 5  5/26/2004    Brian Michael Bendis    Gabrielle Del'Otto

  • Fury assembles a secret squad to overthrow the Latvian Prime Minister

  • Cap

  • Daredevil

  • Like Cage

  • Peter Parker (not SM?)

  • Logan

  • Black Widow

  • A year later, all the tech enabled baddies are getting revenge

  • Daredevil and Spider Man don’t have any memory

  • F4 called in for backup

  • Latvian PM was killed, but now tries to get her revenge until Daisy kills her

That was interesting. Certainly not great, but also not bad. Not really good enough to trade off the Secret Wars title. Did we just get Daisy's first appearance!? I know her from Agents of Shield!

X-Men/ Fantastic Four Vol 1

Creators - Akira Yoshida, Pat Lee, Nick Kilislian, Edwin Garcia

  • The F4 go to the XM for help saving some astronauts

  • Emma, Sue, Ben, Kurt, Logan, and Remy go

  • The brood are in space 

  • Sue kills the Queen with a shield sword

  • They all get stuck in a cosmic storm

  • Gambit, Emma, W, NC transformed into Zombies with F4 powers

  • Storm, Torch, and Sue slow a Brood ship from crashing into NY

  • Thing and Cyclops subdue stretchy W

  • Reed and Beast come up with a plan to reverse engineer their DNA

  • A bunch more Brood show up

  • The combined teams stop the Brood

  • Emma uses Cerebra to trick the Brood into thinking the Phoenix Force and Galactus 

My Rating- 4/10


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