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198: UXM #388-389, XMV2 #108 (Dream’s End)

What’s Covered?

UXM # 388-389, XMV2 # 108, Cable 87, Bishop 16

Roster Watch


UXM # 388: Set Up

Writer - Chris Claremont

Pencils - Salvador Larocca

Robert Kelly addresses the nation with his anti mutant platform as the following watch: X-Men, X-Force, Generation X, Moira, Magneto, Mystique. Professor X has learned that Mystique is up to something and the X-Men's top priority needs to be learning what she's up to.

Wolverine is tracking down Rogue as she is still struggling with her new power set that now allows her to manifest mutant abilities and retain them longer. In this case, Rogue is still upset about killing the Goth, struggling with her new powers, and generally feeling directionless. Wolverine is there for her in her time of need.

The Dream's End storyline follows Mystique as she has re-formed the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and is once again looking to take out Senator Robert Kelly, in addition to releasing a new straight of the Legacy Virus that will wipe out humans.

First we see Mystique, Sabretooth, and Toad unleashing this new strain on the yacht of a Hellfire Club Cardinal. Then we see Mystique showing up at Muir Island. Wolfsbane tries to stop them but is quickly put aside.

Rogue, Bishop, and Wolverine are on their way to help, but can't get there before an explosion goes off.

Meanwhile, Cable is on Robert Kelly's protection detail, which turns out to be good as the Brotherhood show up, including Post, Mastermind (the daughter), Blob, and Avalanche.

Cable # 87: Pyro's Impact?

Writer - Robert Weinberg

Pencils - Michael Ryan

Most of this issue involves a battle between Cable and the Brotherhood.

Just as all hope looks lost, a dying Pyro shows up out of no where and begs Robert Kelly to stop the hatred. Pyro dies in his arms and it seems to work, shifting Kelly's views on the mutant issue.

Bishop # 16: Mystique is totes evil again

Plot- Scott Lobdell

Script - Joe Pruett

Pencils - Thomas Derenick

At Muir Island, in the wake of the explosion, Toad is easily stopped, but Bishop only barely stops Sabretooth from killing Wolfsbane. Unfortunately, Mystique has one of Forge's neutralizer guns and uses it on Wolfsbane, permanently removing her powers!

Moira has sustained life threathening injuries, but If there's any positive of this day's events, it's that Mystique's use of the Legacy Virus has made the Legacy Virus clear to Moira.

Rogue makes an impassioned speech to Mystique, trying to get her to stop, and Mystique repays her by stabbing her and leaving her for dead.

Later, Rogue attempts to stop Mystique once and for all by stabbing her with Wolverine's bone claws that she can now produce.

XMV2 # 108: Meaningful Deaths

Writer - Chris Claremont

Pencils - Leinel Francis Yu

Bishop is flying a beat up plane (damaged in the explosion) with a dying Moira and Mystique on board. Rogue is activating the memories of Ceclia Reyes and trying desperately to save Moira's life, but it's not looking great. There's a feeling of dread as Moira finally found the cure to the Legacy Virus, but it may die with Moira.

Meanwhile, both Rahne and Wolverine slip away and consider murdering Mystique while she rests. Keep in mind that this is a big statement by Wolverine because he was in a relationship for a while (or at least banging) Mystique. Also, Rahne has both been de-powered by Mystique and is watching her adopted mother die at her hands.

Moira screams in her mind and Charles Xavier finally hears her. Xavier needs Jean's help to dive into Moira and secure the Legacy Virus solution. X's Astral form mixes with Moira and it appears as though Xavier is prepared to die with his former love, also bringing the cure with him. Jean needs additional help, so she asks Cable to help him pry him loose. They are successful, but Moira dies.

There was a cost though of Cable stepping away. Robert Kelly was in the process of announcing his change of heart when an anti mutant MAGA bigot shoots and kills Senator Robert Kelly.

UXM # 389: Epilogue

Writer - Chris Claremont

Pencils - Salvador Larocca

As we watch two funerals, this issue gives us a flashback into Moira and Charles life:

  • A professor whose mind he can’t read

  • Moira was dating Joe McTaggert and he was kind of an asshole

  • Joe had a motorcycle crash and professor Xavier saved them both and then Moira and Charles were in love.

  • Charles went to Vietnam, part of a search and rescue group.

  • Moira dumped him in a letter, before they could get married.

My Connections and Creators

By this point, you have to assume that Chris Claremont knew he would not be staying on either of the main X-Men titles. I think "Dream's End" must be one last attempt by Claremont to put some plot points to bed. Claremont created Moira and gave her a lot of love. She was "dying" of the Legacy Virus, so you would have to think Claremont decided he wanted her to go out with a bang...dying as she cures the Legacy Virus. That's quite fitting!

The most interesting character development to ponder is Mystique. She is clearly, unequivocably, non redeemably evil in this arc. She once again tries to kill Robert Kelly. She tries to kill all humans. She stabs her daughter. Claremont wanted to make a point that she is not a character with nuance, the bitch is evil. It's interesting because it was Claremont who had her running around with Forge during the Outback era and mental illness was starting to be seeded as an excuse for her bad deeds. One can only deduce that Claremont always intended for her to be evil and this was him drawing a line in the sand.

Another interesting character is Robert Kelly. While reading this, I felt like I had seen this story before...I think a story pretty close to this happened in the X-Men Animated Series. I've been noticing that in some ways, the animated show can do a better (or at least cleaner) job of telling some of the stories. I wonder if Claremont liked how that story played out and decided to bring it to the comic. Speaking of inspirations, I also felt the dual funerals seemed a bit familiar... One of my favorite episodes of all time is "Two Cathedrals" from the West Wing. However Two Cathedrals aired on May 16th, 2001 and this issue was published in 2000. It now has me wondering if Aaron Sorkin was inspired by this comic?

I also noticed a near parallel between Days of Future Past and this arc. While much of the attention was paid to the futuristic X-Men, the other major part of that arc was the Brotherhood's failed murder attempt of Robert Kelly.

Also, Lobdell is back!? What's up with that?


  • UXM Squad

    • Gambit

      • Gambit sneaks in and tries to kill mystique, but Storm stops him.

    • Cable

      • In the past, Cable saves a young Rogue from some rednecks.

    • Storm

      • Sadly, I can't think of anything she's done of note since Claremont came back. :(

    • Jean

      • In a cool callback, Xavier was hesitant to let Jean come into Moira's mind as he was worried Jean couldn't handle feeling another person die.

    • Bishop

      • Bishop goes after a Fitzroy simulacrum in the Danger room and puts everyone in danger

    • Beast

      • Very little screentime.

  • XMV2 Squad

    • Rogue

      • Rogue still has Wolverine’s power. Crying about how the claws always hurt. When she absorbed the Skrull's power, she kept the ability to shape shift and isn’t the powers are no longer temporary.

    • NC

      • Was he in this?

    • Colossus

      • Col being super negative about the costs...

  • but then is later super positive with Xavier

  • Psylocke

    • Was she in this?

  • Wolverine

    • Rogue still has W’s power. Crying about how the claws always hurt. CC emphasizing once again how Wolverine constantly lives with pain.

  • Thunderbird

    • Was he in this?

  • Allies

    • Professor X

      • I like how Professor Xavier gave a briefing on Mystique and talking about how they have to learn what she’s up to.

    • Wolfsbane

      • De-powered

      • Considers killing Mystique.

    • Cecilia Reyes

      • Cecilia is having trouble with her powers since she’s addicted to the drug, Rave.

    • Kitty

      • Kitty found 13 volumes of Destiny’s diary

      • Rogue and Wolverine in Kitty's room, reminded of how many of her friends who have died.

My Rating- 10/10


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