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195: X-Men Forever

What’s Covered?

X-Men Forever # 1 - 6, Magneto: Dark Seduction # 1 - 4, X-Men Unlimited # 28, Wolverine # 154 - 158


X-Men Forever

Writer - Fabian Nicieza

Pencils - Kevin Maguire

  • 1

    • FN/Kevin Maguire

    • Prosh comes back to earth

    • Gathers Phoenix, Mystique, Juggernaut, Iceman, and Toad

    • Sends them back in time to the assassination of Graydon Creed

  • 2

    • Future Mystique killed Graydon Creed

    • Moves to the day Destiny dies

      • Legion offers to let Mystique kill him, but she doesn’t

    • Moves to the day Carol Danvers erased XM files at the pentagon

    • Day Phoenix died

  • 3

    • Phoenix has the option to stop the Phoenix takeover. She can’t decide but Prosh doesn’t let her anyway

    • Original XM vs Juggs

      • X knew about Jean and Iceman being Omegas

  • 4

    • Magneto recruits the Toad

      • Astra has alien tech

    • Juggs at 16

      • At Black Womb project, babies are not cured of their genetic mutations. Includes Toad

    • Human evolution

    • Future where Toad and Mystique are killed by Sentinels

      • Iceman melted

  • 5

    • Present day

      • Prosh is the enemy, working for the Stranger

      • Iceman uses his extra power to freeze the whole ship

  • 6

    • Stranger thinks one day humanity will evolve into Eternity

    • Toad uses Prosh to create a jail and launch the Stranger into space

    • Iceman returns to XM

    • Juggs serves the gov

    • Mystique altered and losing her sanity (again?)

Magneto: Dark Seduction

Writer - Fabian Nicieza

Pencils - Roger Cruz

  • Genosha is going better.

  • Some acolytes have formed a resistance to stop Magneto from finding what’s at Carrion Cove

    • QS supports

    • Pipeline tries to take it for himself

    • The prize would return his powers

  • Scarlet Witch is new UN envoy

    • She is impressed at first

    • Fabian Cortez is informant

  • Avengers are sent in

    • Fight Magneto

    • Pushes Polaris

  • Mags decided to give up his kids for the power

    • He repairs his power

    • Crushes Cortez

    • Threatens the Avengers.

      • They leave along with QS, SW, and Polaris

X-Men Unlimited # 28: Random Moscow Story

Writer - Joe Pruett

Pencils - Brett Booth and Ron Lim

  • Uncanny squad go to Moscow were they were attacked by a mind controlled darkstar

  • A mutant named black death was behind it all, and he tries to have beast cure him, but beast and Jean work together and stop him

Wolverine # 154 - 158: Deadpool

Writer - Rob Leifeld

Pencils - Rob Leifeld, Ian Churchill (157), Sunny Lee (158)

  • 154

    • Rob Leifeld

    • Deadpool kidnaps W

    • The Administrator uses W’s power to cure Siryn

  • 155

    • Siryn wakes up healed

  • 156

    • Wolverine and Spider-Man fight some rat creatures and the mole man

  • 157

    • RL/Oan Churchill

    • W and SM vs some Morlocks

  • W Ann 200

    • Frank Tieri/ Jorge Santamaria

    • W takes down a Brood coven

  • 158

    • Joe Pruett/ Sunny Lee

    • Amiko kidnapped

    • W fights Zaran to get her back

My Connections and Creators

I know I'm phoning it in for this blog, but these stories are pretty weak and I'm just racing towards New X-Men.

My Rating- 2/10


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