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192: XMV2 # 100 - 102 (X-Men Revolution - The Six-Month Gap)

What's Covered?

X-Men V2 # 100 - 102

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X-Men V2 # 100 - 102: Enter...The Neo!

Writer - Chris Claremont

Pencils - Leonard Francis Yu

Nightcrawler's Journey

With Claremont's official return to Adjectiveless X-Men (X-Men Volume 2), there is a 6 month time gap leading to an era called "Revolution."

We start by checking in with Nightcrawler, who we learn has retired from the X-Men and is currently serving as an apprentice priest.

He's shot by a new group of villains called "The Neo." He knows he can't go to a hospital, so he heads to see Cecilia Reyes. These two are together and on the run for this three issue arc.

As the Neo are attacking the duo, Cecilia instinctively uses her powers offensively and kills one of the New with a spiky shield projection.

While on the run, Detective Charlotte Jones shows up and offers support, however this is quickly followed by a truck slamming through the wall.

Apparently Jones is on the run from a bad cop (or possessed or something), however I don't know if that story was every really explained. Eventually Archangel shows up and slightly after things get awkward with Jones, he suffers an illusion of having an orgy with Jean, Candy Southern, Charlotte Jones, and Betsy.

Oh, Claremont, welcome back my friend. You love the trippy sexual shit!

Cecilia fights off a New member named Anteus, then later Salvo, the living Gun (but not Random).

Lost in Space

Claremont is back, so the X-Men are back working with Peter Corbeau in space. This iteration is led by Rogue and includes Colossus, Kitty, Thunderbird, and Psylocke. The team is working to retrieve tech from the High Evolutionary's ship while they are slowly infiltrated by the Neo. Rogue was pretty sad that things were officially over with Remy, but as I mentioned in the last blog, I think that gives her more agency so I'm ok with it.

I need to be honest, a bunch of things started happening quickly and I was very confused. First, Colossus kisses Rogue. I have no idea if this was real or fake. I'm a few issues ahead and this still hasn't been touched on, so I really have no idea what was up with this. And then one member of the Neo (Seth? super name?) was pretending to be an astronaut and was flirting/mind controlling Kitty...or something. By the way, this version of Kitty is a badass. This Seth guy blows up the ship, and Kitty sacrifices herself to save everyone else. However, this Seth guy has a crush on her so she is left with one of their cool space suits so she can survive???

Lol, I was really confused what was happening. I kept thinking I must have missed an issue somewhere, but I don't think I did.

So then Psylocke pulls a Phoenix and pilots a ship through the atmosphere using nothing but her telekinesis that she picked up a few days before.

Other Things

Sage (hooray Sage is still around) talks to Robert Kelly about him running for President on an anti-mutant platform.

Wolverine and Dani (Hooray, Dani is still around) are in the sewers tracking the Neo, especially their new leader, Domina. They find that Domina attacked Sinister and Sabretooth, probably to help establish that this group is super important.

Final Battle

Rogue, Colossus, and Psylocke show up to lend support to Archangel, Nightcrawler, and Cecilia.

However, Domina is able to use all of their combined powers.

She is really fucking up the X-men until Wolverine shows up and beats her ass through pure willpower.

I love how Claremont returns and suddenly Wolverine has that real X-factor again.

My Connections and Creators

While I titled the last blog "Claremont Returns," this is probably his true return because he starts a new set of continuity between the main 2 X-Men lines. At least at the start, he almost goes with a Gold vs. Blue designation with Adjectiveless X-Men focusing on Rogue (as leader), Colossus, Kitty (briefly), Psylocke, Wolverine, and new recruit Thunderbird.

Claremont uses the trick of "The 6 Month Gap" to help identify a new status quo. Cyclops is still missing. Marrow has disappeared without a trace. Rogue and Gambit are leaders of their respective squads. Psylocke comes back from irrelevance with a power swap. Wolverine is cool again. Colossus...still a wet blanket. And Kitty is a badass, but MIA.

Claremont introduces a new villain set in the shape of "The Neo." We're still learning about them, but they appear to be a large group, broken down into smaller groups. They appear to be a race that has evolved past mutants, but had been in hiding for quite some time. The leader of the New War Clan we are focusing on here is Domina, not to be confused with Domino who I wouldn't blame you for thinking they're the same character.

I also mentioned last blog that I would be tracking characters and plot lines who Claremont is holding to from other writers, even though he claims to not have been reading since he left. My focus this time is on Cecilia Reyes...who of course is a character Claremont would like. Strong female? Check. Person of color? Check. Secondary character? Check.


  • Rogue

    • Following up from a brief stint under Alan Davis where she was the leader, Rogue has been thrust into the spotlight as squad leader.

    • She seems to have fully separated from Gambit and is operating on her own.

  • Colossus

    • Still a B list character. Somehow gets away with kissing Rogue without getting punched.

  • Kitty

    • Taking a queue from Warren Ellis, Kitty is a badass with short hair and a bad attitude.

    • She using a bone claw from Wolverine, similar to her weapons from Age of Apocalypse.

    • She disappeared in the opening issues and hasn't come back since. This concerns me. I love Kitty. Claremont should love Kitty. Why is she being cast off!?

  • Psylocke

    • No longer in X-Men Limbo (Not Illyana's dimension), Claremont brings her back to relevancy, along with a new power set (unrestrained Telekenesis)

  • Thunderbird

    • The new character is part of this team, but is surprisingly underutilized.

  • Wolverine

    • He's just a badass again. He's always been a badass, but Claremont is very good at demonstrating how much of a badass he is. Badass!

  • Archangel

    • Will be used heavily or is he just making a quick appearance?

  • Nightcrawler

    • Interesting to see Claremont lean into the holy angle considering Kurt really only showed his faith in 1 or 2 issues under Claremont.

My Rating- 6/10

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