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179: Cable 54 - 63: Marvel Tour, Agent 18, Stryfe

What’s Covered?

Cable V1 # 54 - 63, X-Man # 46 - 47


Cable # 54, 57: Cable in the Wider Marvel U

Writer - Joe Casey

Pencils - Ladronn

  • 54 (T’Challa)

    • Joe Casey/ Ladronn

    • Cable crash lands in Wakanda

    • T’Challa’s cousin helps Ulysses Claw get in, but C and T stop him.

  • 57 Rama Tut

    • Rama Tut is trying to get Blaquesmith to fix his Time Machine

    • Cable still talking/macking with the waitress

    • C impacted by the Shadow King

    • Cool narrative device with C impacted by a time distortion and the story told like Memento

    • C beats RT

You know how I've been talking about how there's been a conscious push to incorporate the X characters into the wider Marvel U? Well, these two stories are low impact one shots that accomplish that goal.

The first one (#54) is a plain Jane T'Challa story that seems out of place. The second story, featuring Kang (as Rama Tut), is actually really great, mostly because it has a unique narrative style. We later learn that Cable got stuck in a temporal field, but prior to that the story is told in a jarring, but interesting, fashion...similar to the early Christopher Nolan movie, Memento (one of my favorite movies). The story jumps back and forth between the present and the recent past, which C being disoriented about which he is currently experiencing.

It's also interesting to see Cable impacted by the Shadow King stories, losing his telepathatic (and telekentic) powers, serving as a major plot point.

Cable # 55 - 56: Domino's Back!

Writer - Joe Casey

Pencils - Ladronn (55), Ryan Benjamin (56)

  • Cable at a diner in Hell’s Kitchen

    • Has engaging conversations with the waitress there

  • Blaquesmith alive and with Irene

  • Irene chews out C at the diner

  • Domino finds C at a safe house

    • She’s really bitter and there’s melodrama about their relationship and what comes next. She storms out.

  • A mercenary attacks Domino. Some red guy who is not a mutant. (Blockade)

  • 56

    • JC/Ryan Benjamin

    • Blockade fucks up Domino

    • Cable pulls her from an alley and goes after Blockade

    • C fucks him up and lobotomizes him

    • Domino will spend some time in a hospital after this.

It was fun to have Domino back, but it seemed more like a 2 issue cameo than anything truly impactful. I'm regretful that this relationship dropped off.

Cable # 58 - 62: Agent 18 & Shield

Writer - Joe Casey

Pencils - Ed McGuiness (*58), Ladronn (58 - 62)

  • 58 Acolytes/ Devout Followers

    • Without his psy powers, the TO virus is spreading again

    • C is jumped by his Acolytes in Greece

    • The followers worship him, followers of Ch’Vayre

    • One particular follower doesn't buy it and vows to destroy Cable (dumb)

    • Some gov guys are planning to capture Cable and harvest his TO virus

  • 59

    • Some SHIELD specialist (Agent 18) lets loose an electricity monster to lure Cable

    • Cable is dying to the TO virus

  • 60

    • C Vs A 18

    • Shield air cavalry shows up to take down C

    • A 18 starts to question his orders

  • 61

    • C is with Shield scientists, they are trying to extract the TO virus

    • Agent 18 breaks him out

    • Irene recruits GW Bridge to help

  • 62

    • The nemesis project is four robots taken over by the Techno Organic Virus, and they are firing on shield agents

    • C gets his TK back

    • A18 wants another fight as the Helicarrier crashes.

    • A18 survived but might become a cyborg or something.

    • Irene writes the story in the Bugle, gets the shady ppl in trouble

This story would have been better if it was done over one or two issues. I am assuming someone forced Joe Casey to write this and he is just spinning his wheels until his replacement shows up.

X-Man # 46 - 47, Cable # 63: Stryfe

Writer - Joe Casey

Pencils - Steve Platt & Andy Smith

  • XMan46

    • Stryfe comes out of a pyramid with the Dark riders

    • Madelyn saves Jean as Stryfe sets out to kill all telepaths

    • Nate captured by Stryfe

  • 63

    • JC/Steven Platt and Andy Smith

    • Jameson offers Irene a job at the Bugle

    • Blaquesmith sends C to Latveria to help Nate Grey fight Stryfe

    • Madelyn Pryor helps C fight Doom robots

    • Stryfe trying to siphon Nate’s powers

  • XM 47

    • Madelyn stays with Stryfe and starts pilfering the collected Psy energy

    • Maddy shoots the Psy energy into Nate

    • Nate destroys Stryfe

This seemed rather unceremonious for the return of a major character like Stryfe. It would be one thing if he was back and continued to be a thorn in Cables side, but the fact that he is (seemingly) definitively killed after 3 issues (two of them taking place in the unread X-Man) makes this seem even less impactful than it could have been.

My Connections & Creators

Joe Casey steps in and is barely treading water. These stories weren't terrible, but they certainly weren't great. I'm not considering giving up the series or anything (I've given up enough lately), but this was just a long, weak run. What's up with the penciler only have one name, Ladronn!? His art is ok. Not great, not terrible.

I do kind of like the ongoing with Irene serving as a sidekick, Cable flirting with the waitress, and Blaquesmith serving as a mentor. A good solo hero needs his trusty team, and this isn't too bad. I really like the Irene character. Blaquesmith has always seemed generic and a bit like a Mary Sue.

My Rating - 4/10


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