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155: Generation X # 20 - 25 (Mondo’s a Plant)

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Generation X # 20 - 25, Annual '96

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I'm going to share right off the bat that Generation X is getting pretty boring to me. If I wasn't dying to know the truth about Monet, I may have dropped off by now. Marvel Unlimited is going to stop covering this series soon, so I'll have a big decision to make. There is so little plot development in these stories in particular, I'm literally going to copy and paste my bulleted notes into the Synopsis and call it a day.

A few points worth expanding on though. We learn that Mondo has actually be a "plant" for Black Tom all along. To be honest, I keep forgetting there is a character named Mondo on the team. He has gotten so little attention, even less than he got in Age of Apocalypse, so this had zero impact on my emotions.

Also, there's Howard the Duck in this. It's...pretty weird.


Generation X # 20 - 25: Killing Time

Writer - Scott Lobdell

Pencils - Chris Bachalo (20 - 22, 25), Mitch Boyd (23, 24), Rick Leonardi (24)

  • 20

  • Post Onslaught issue

  • Franklin staying with team

  • Bastion exploring Emplate and Chamber

  • Howard the Duck gives Skin and Chamber a ride to LA

  • 21

  • Skin, Chamber and Howard the Duck in LA

  • Bar fight

  • Ppl miss Skin and think he’s dead.

  • Beast gives the students a test

  • Thinks Monet is autistic.

  • 22

  • Nightmare talks to Emma

  • The 3 boys go trick or treating

  • 23

  • Sean feels bad about his relationship with Siryn

  • Paige and Chamber have a rough date.

  • An alien named Tana Nile is with the little ones

  • 24

  • Emma takes the girls to Monaco for Xmas

  • Mondo being sneaky

  • Emma spent time in a psych ward as her powers first manifested

  • 25

  • Black Tom kidnaps the students and attacks Banshee

  • He’s mad about Sean turning Siryn against him

  • Mondo is revealed to have been a “plant” all along and is killed by Bastion

  • Bastion kidnaps Jubilee

  • Man-Thing saves the pre-teens and Howard the Duck

  • BT makes Banshee fight Emma

  • Penance attacks BT to save the day.

  • Annual ‘96

  • Lame comment from Paige about how hard it is to both be a mutant and deal with being a teenager

  • Random strangers downtown

  • Jubes fighting with Monet

  • Fenris trying to release a mutant scrambler machine.

My Rating: 1/10

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