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Top Ten Favorite X-Men Issues

# 1

Uncanny X-Men # 170

Storm's Transformation

The early years of the X-Men established Storm as a moral and ethical leader. Often putting her own health at a risk to save a villain. Ever since Storm took over as team leader, hints had started to drop that she was changing.

In UXM # 170, her beloved Kitty Pryde was in danger so Storm challenged Callisto, the twister leader of the Morlocks, to a duel. It starts out as a close battle, but Storm ends it decisively with a knife into the heart of Callisto. My hands were sweating reading this issue and my jaw was left on the ground afterwards!

# 2

Uncanny X-Men # 180

After Storm's transformation, Kitty was scared of Storm, who she had looked up to as a surrogate mother. In this issue, Storm whisks Kitty up into the air and forces them to have a heart to heart. Both exchange direct words but all three are hit in the feels (Kitty, Storm, and myself), however only Storm and Kitty got to end the exchange with a hug.

# 3

Uncanny X-Men # 162

Issue # 162 kicks off the main run of the Brood Saga. I love this because the issue is essentially a Wolverine one shot showing him facing numerous battles. A physiological battle as his mutant healing factor fights off the Brood Queen's egg. A physical battle as he fight's the Brood's pursuing him. And finally, a mental battle as he struggles with telling his team that they are all going to die.

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