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Can Blood Pressure Meds Make You Sick

Your BP may have come back to normal by quiting estrogen completely. No meds may have been needed. When you do stop estrogen, and if BP drops even more, that's a clear sign that estrogen is the main reason. But it may not drop much, and leave the impression meds are needed. You can't know for sure what raises or lowers your BP when on meds.

What if you quit both the estrogen. Certainly, any medicine that is designed to treat high blood pressure can cause excess lowering of the blood pressure. This can occur in two ways. The blood pressure can be low at all times, called hypotension. The blood pressure may also be significantly lower when moving to a sitting or a standing position, called orthostatic hypotension. Like all medications, blood pressure drugs sometimes cause unwanted side effects. While many are mild and short-lived, some are more worrisome, including mood changes such as depression. But contrary to what doctors have long assumed, blood.

Can Blood Pressure Meds Make You Sick - Discount Place

Can Blood Pressure Meds Make You Sick - Discount Place

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